Whirlpool Water Heater Age

Are you going to purchase a water heater? If you are going to get one, this may be very helpful for you. Before purchasing a water heater, you have to consider the quality, material, and even the water heater brand. Not only that, there is a thing which you should check as well.

How To Determine Whirlpool Water Heater Age

What is it? It is the age of a water heater. Even though it seems new, it is not always made in the year you purchase your water heater. For example, you purchase a water heater this year, yet the production was in 2015. A brand name water heater, Whirlpool, can be seen how old it is.

Whirlpool Water Heater serial number

What is Whirlpool? What are the products?

Whirlpool is a water heater brand that provides quality and durability. So whirlpool water heater life expectancy is safe to use for a long time. For the products, this brand offers three types of the water heater. The first product is an electric water heater.

Here, this type of water heater is created to provide advanced energy-smart and energy-efficient. Besides, there are some options which you can choose from before purchasing this kind of water heater. By looking at your needs, you can choose a water heater which is suitable for your home.

The next product is a natural gas water heater. Unlike other brands, Whirlpool has improved this type of water heater to become more sophisticated and efficient. As its promotion, this natural gas water heater has a high-efficiency Energy Star.

Besides, you don’t need to be worried about its safety or even worry about the whirlpool water heater warranty. Why? Because Whirlpool has chosen the best materials to build this gas water heater. Also, you can determine the capacity of the tank, the special features, and the size.

The last product which has become one of the well-known water heater products is a liquid propane water heater. When you purchase a water heater that is different from others, this kind of water heater may be suitable for you.

This propane water heater is also offered in different capacities and sizes. Before purchasing this kind of water heater, you need to suit your needs with this product. Why? Because it is good for energy efficiency.

So, How to Determine the Age?

When we talk about age, we have a method that you can implement to check your water heater; even you don’t have to use a water heater serial number decoder. 

Here, you need to check the serial number on your water heater. In this case, the first two numbers written on the serial number are the year of manufacture. Besides, the third two numbers are the week of the manufacture.

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