The Best Dual Fuel Generator Diesel and Natural Gas

Owning the best dual fuel generator, diesel, and natural gas is probably one of today’s most important things. Running a big house, a company, or a building does need the help of a generator. It will prevent blackout and also maintain power production. The generator is better to have a dual-fuel because it will prolong its operation.

Besides that, the generator is also better to use natural gas to have a smaller budget running the generator. There are plenty of generator brands having those two features. However, these are three of the best dual fuel generator diesel and natural gas for you.

Duromax XP4850EH

This simple-looking generator from Duromax is capable of producing 4,850 W. Surely. This generator will be more than enough to produce power in various usages. Operating this generator is also very easy because it has an electric start and a low oil indication.

Duromax XP4850EH

You can start the machine easily and be alerted if the gas is low. This Duromax generator is protected by a shutoff switchable twist lock and two three-prong outlets. The switch can be used to swap between the 120 or 120/240 V usage. The EPA fully approves this generator, and basically, it has overload protection, thus making it safe to use.

Powerland PD3G10000E

If you are looking for four dual-fuel generators, this generator from Powerland is even better. This generator is actually a tri-fuel generator2. What does it mean? Well, it means that besides allowing you to use gasoline, this generator is also available to be operated using propane or natural gas. To switch between the fuel sources is just a matter of pressing a button.

Powerland PD3G10000E dual fuel generator

This generator can produce up to 10,000 V. This is more than enough for a small industry or home. This generator is quite complete with two standard three-prong outlets and also a twist lock. For safety, this generator is protected on the breaker. Besides that, the electric start and voltmeter on this generator make the operation is easier.

Firman RD9000E

Looking for a heavy-duty generator? This generator from Firman is the answer. This generator is specifically designed to handle and produce large power outages. This is why this generator is perfect if you want to carry a generator for camping or outdoor activity.

This generator has an ergonomic shape and lightweight feature, making it even easier to carry outside. There are four standard three-prongs outlets on the generator, along with its twist lock. This generator can produce 9,300 W. It will be more than enough for this generator to power a camping site for the night. The generator has an automatic power start that makes the operator easier.

Firman RD9000E dual fuel generator

Besides the three generators above, surely there are still many more of them. They are all great to produce more power for whatever usage they put into. Having the best dual fuel generator, diesel, and natural gas ready at home or work will be really helpful these days. Thus, buy them as soon as possible.

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