Honda EX350 Generator, the Famous Japanese Brand

This famous Honda EX350 Generator may not so strange for you. Since Honda has existed for years, its product is also trustable and spread widely around the world.

You may ring a bell to Honda for your own vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, spare parts, and many other supporting automotive tools. However, you may also find Honda as one of your houseware tools, and a generator may be one of the famous houseware from Honda.

Some users have already proven that this tool is a long-lasting generator that can still be used after 10 years with the ease of using it (with no problems at the beginning), which we can say is still in good condition.

The users are also feeling satisfied with its silence. When you use this generator, you may think that this generator is so quiet compared to other generators’ available brands.

Another advantage when you use the Honda generator is the ease of service center spread worldwide, even to your area. 

If you are still hesitant to buy this product, you can search down the internet specification.

Honda EX350 Generator Specs

Here are some of the specs of the EX350 generator that might help you to meet the decision. The EX350 has the Oil Alert spec, which enables you to notice the oil availability inside the generator.

Honda EX350 Generator

You do not need to worry about how to ignite the machine because it has electronic ignition. The point of a good generator should be brought everywhere, and this Honda EX350 could be brought with only one hand because it only weighs 19 lbs.

Another important specification is that it has a low noise level, only 58/50 DB. If you want to see from the AC – DC output, Honda EX350 has an AC output of 120V

  1. 350W rated (2.9A)
  2. 150W rated (1.25A)
  3. 300W rated (2.5A)

And DC output 12V, 72W (6.0A) with both of the systems can be used simultaneously.

Like all the Honda generator types, the EX350 has the recoil starting system with 0.2 gallons of fuel tank capacity. When the tank is in full condition, you can use this honda portable generator approximately for 1.8 – 3 hours, depending on the use.

The displacement for the Honda EX350 is only 34cc which is the lowest among other Honda generators. The dimension for this product is 14.4‘’ x 6.9’’ x 11.8’’. If you think you are not the people who understand the machine that much, you do not need to worry since this product could bring the light on by only one switch to turn the engine or fuel valve on/off.

By observing all of the specifications above, you shall feel hesitation no more because all you need to do is turn the generator on and set it to your electricity whenever and wherever you need it. It can also be proven that the Honda EX350 Generator is easy to operate and endure longer than the other generator.

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