The Water Heater Settings – Hot, A, B, C, Very Hot Knob

Water Heater Settings A, B, C – Do you have a water heater in your home? If you have one, this may be very helpful for you. When a water heater is made with different features, there is a thing that has a special function, especially for an electric water heater.

What is it? It is a temperature setting.

Here, the recommended setting of temperature you should choose is between around 115 degrees Fahrenheit and 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, you may have no clear information about it, don’t you? Now, you don’t need to be worried because we will share some information that relates to the temperature setting for you.

What are the temperature settings?

When we talk about the temperature settings, there are some choices which you can choose to determine those things. For instance, the water heater settings ABC is the most common setting you can check on your water heater.

Water Heater Settings ABC

Based on the Department of Energy in the US, the best temperature setting you should choose is 120 degrees. Here, this temperature level is the choice that has a minimal chance for danger. Not only that, the energy it will take is more efficient than other temperature settings.

In common, the A B C knob has different temperature settings. For the A knob, the temperature is 130 degrees. For the B knob, the temperature which has been determined is 140 degrees. The last, C knob setting, stands for 150 degrees.

Other temperature settings, hot and very hot, each stands for 120 degrees and 160 degrees. Again, if you want a safe setting, you should choose a setting with a temperature of 120 degrees. This means the choice is a hot setting.

Is there any tip for maintaining a water heater?

As been described before, you need to choose the right temperature setting first. Afterward, you need to check the temperature and the pressure as well. This step is crucial because it will determine whether your water heater is safe and proper.

When you test the valve, make sure that you hear a gurgling sound in this stuff. If you don’t hear it, the temperature and the pressure are not good and have to be replaced.

The last is to do a mini flush. When you are going to clean the sediment on the bottom of the tank, it will prevent rust and improve efficiency.

For the best result, you should drain and flush the tank. Here, when you already implemented these methods, we can say that your water heater will have a longer life.

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