AO Smith Water Heater Age

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Do you have a water heater? Have you installed AO Smith water heater in your home? Do you want to know about the manufacture of your water heater? Here, we are going to tell you about how to determine the AO Smith Water Heater Age.

What is AO Smith?

AO Smith is the biggest and largest manufacturer which produce a lot of kinds of water heater as the main products. This manufactures is located in America. AO Smith also supplies the water treatment products in Asia. AO Smith also offers various kinds of water heaters which are innovated every time.

AO Smith Water Heater Age

The manufacturer provide the water heater which ease the people about how to install that appliance. This manufacturer always develops the glass lined steel water heater quality.

It reaches the constant and maximum innovation to lead the high position in the market. AO Smith produce a new tank water heater. It has around 115 to 445 liters of the tank capacity.

What is AO Smith

Determine the AO Smith Water Heater Age

Why do we need to know about the water heater age? It is good to know about the age of your water heater. You will know when you need to repair and service your water heater.

You will know when you need to replace and buy the new water heater. By understanding about the age, you will minimize the risk of water heater problems that might happened.

How do you determine the AO Smith water heater age? We can see the serial number of our water heater to determine the manufactures or age of AO Smith water heater. There are three styles of serial number which tells about the manufacturer or age of water heater.

AO Smith Water Heater Age

First, you have to take a look at the first four digits of the serial numbers. It represents the year and week of when it is produced. Second, most of manufacturer also use letters as the month of production. The date of manufacturer is coded at the first four or three digits of the serial numbers.

It represents the months and year of its production. Third, the date of manufacturer is designed in the second to fourth digits of serial numbers. It shows consumer about the month and year when the water heater is produced.

So, there are some ways which ease you in considering about the age of your water heater. If you know about the manufacturer date, you will automatically know about the age.

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