Ao Smith Water Heater Codes

The water heater is surely essential to support modern households, and we can make sure that people will look for the best water heater which can be used for their household needs. There will be various considerations which should be made in this circumstance for finding the perfect one.

Some people think that a tankless water heater will be a great choice. There will be some great advantages found from this type of water heater, including the remote controller and self-diagnosing function. People can find those advantages from AO Smith tankless water heater.

Nevertheless, it will mean that people have to learn more about Ao Smith Water Heater Codes for understanding the error and the solution. It will be convenient for the homeowners who are handyman at the same time. Here are some error codes which can be learned.

Ao Smith Water Heater Codes

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Error Code 03 (031) One Time

This is the error code that shows people that the dipswitch settings are incorrect. Of course, there will be a solution which can be used for fixing this problem. People only need to check for the right setting on the computer board of the water heater.

Error Code 10 (101) Five Times

If people see this error code, they have to be more aware because it is the warning for the 991 error code. However, there is no need to be panicked because they have the solution for this circumstance. They only need to check if there is any blockage in the vents.

According to the instruction, they also have to make the distance between the intake terminals and the exhaust terminal. They should also remove the grease or dirt which can be found in the fan motor as well as the gas burner.

Error Code 11 (111) Three Times

This is the error code for ignition failure. The solution for this problem is by checking the Hi-limit switch. They have to make sure that it can function properly. They have to make sure that the wire connection does not break or lose.

They also have to make sure that the flame rod does not come with soot. It is also important to check whether there is damage to the computer board. They have to be very careful whether there is spark ignition buzzing from the burner.

They have to pay attention to the two sounds of clunk found from the water heater’s gas valve. More error codes can be found after all.

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