How Old is Your Bradford White Water Heater Age

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Have you ever thought how to determine the age of Bradford white water heater? It is important to know how old your water heater is. By knowing the age of your water heater, you can determine also some actions such service or maybe upgrading your water heater.

The next question is how to know the age of the water heater. In order to determine how old your Bradford White water heater, first what you need to do is to find its serial number. Bradford White puts the serial number water heater on rating place that is located in the top center of the warning label.

After you got the serial number, next you have to pay attention to the first two letters of the serial number. Those two letters indicate the years and the month in which it was manufactured.

The first letter is the year and the second one is the month. For the years, Bradford White uses 20 years rotating letter (A-Z). However, there are some letters such as “I”, ”O”, “Q”, “R”, “U”, “V” that are not used.

Age of Bradford white water heater

For the month, Bradford White also uses letters (A-M). Letter A indicates January and M indicates December. However, same with the year, Letter “I” is not used in the code.

How to know Bradford White Water Heater Age from Years of manufactured

As mentioned above that the year when it was manufacture is indicated by the first letter of the serial number which represents 20 years rotating system. 20 years rotating system means that same letter can have two different years. Let’s us take a look to the table below.

1st LetterYears 1st LetterYears
A1964,1984,2004 L1974, 1994, 2014
B1965, 1985,2005 M1975, 1995, 2015
C1966, 1986, 2006 N1976, 1996, 2016
D1967, 1987, 2007 P1977, 1997, 2017
E1968, 1988, 2008 S1978, 1998
F1969, 1989, 2009 T1979, 1999
G1970, 1990, 2010 W1980, 2000
H1971, 1991, 2011 X1981, 2001
J1972, 1992, 2012 Y1982, 2002
K1973, 1993,2013 Z1983, 2003

Let us also take a look to the example of serial number below

As it written in the serial number that the fist letter is D, It means that manufactured years could be 1967, 1987 or 2007. To determine which year between three options, we could also use other information from the rating plate.

If you can in the last two lines from the bottom, there is a year: 2004. We can use that year to predict the most possible manufactured year of the product. So regarding to that information, the most possible option is 1987.

Month of manufactured

The month when it was manufactured can be found in the second letter of the first two letters in serial number. It is quite easier than the year because there is no same letter for two different months.

2nd letterMonth 2nd letterMonth
AJanuary GJuly
BFebruary HAugustus
CMarch JSeptember
DApril KOctober
EMei LNovember
FJune MDecember

In the serial number above: DH9560506, the second letter is H. it means that product was manufactured on August.

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