How to Know Kenmore Water Heater Age

The serial numbers can determine Kenmore water heater age to know the date of the production or your Kenmore’s age. Kenmore is a well-known brand of household appliances sold by Sears and has been around for over 100 years.

How to Know Kenmore Water Heater Age

They have produced many appliances, one of them being a Kenmore water heater. Kenmore water heaters are available in the Sears store alongside other household appliances. They are available in many types, such as gas type, electric type, or hybrid type.

Kenmore water heater

Below is the overview of those three types:

Gas Kenmore Water heater

The gas Kenmore water heater has two types; they are standard and elite types. The standard types vary from 30 to 98 gallons, and the sizes 40 and 50 gallons are the most popular ones. Then there is the elite series, which is more advanced than the standard series. It is only available in two sizes, both with a 12-year warranty.

Electric Kenmore water heater

This type of Kenmore water heater comes in a wide variety of sizes. It is ranged from 10 to 50 gallons, from short to tall size. The best one comes with a 12-year warranty, 3 inches high R-value of 24 of thick foam insulation, super last-long Lifeguard, and complete with RotoSwirl inlet tube.

Hybrid Kenmore water heater

The best among Kenmore water heater types is the hybrid water heater, which is a bit expensive than the other two. It uses heat pumps and electric heating elements which give high efficiency, save more than 60% energy, and Energy-Star approved. This type also comes with smart electronics and user-friendly touchpad control, and other advanced features.

The three types above almost have the same lifespan. According to the brand, a Kenmore water heater’s average lifespan is about 16 and a half years.

The reasons for replacement are usually caused by the tank leak, gas valve or pilot light malfunction, or other preventative maintenance (being used past its expected life). Here is how you can know your Kenmore water heater age.

How to Know the Kenmore Water Heater Age

The Kenmore water heater’s age can be clearly seen through the serial numbers that are written with the product you buy. To know the water heater age by serial number, you can look at the first two or three digits of the Kenmore water heater’s serial numbers.

Kenmore water heater serial number

Usually, the first two digits refer to the year of the product being manufactured. For example:

Style 1: 1295c1xxxx

The digits 1 and 2 above represent the year of the product being manufactured; it means that the product was made in 2012.

Style 2: A0330xxxx

When there is a letter before the number, it symbolizes the month order. A is for January, B is February, and so on. The two numbers after the letter show the year the Kenmore water heater being made. So the serial number above shows that the product was made in January 2003.

That is how you know your Kenmore water heater age.

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