Lochinvar Water Heater Age

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In today’s article on how to 101, I would like to talk about how to determine a Lochinvar water heater age. Bathing in hot water is something that every one of us should at least do once in our lifetime.

The very act is relaxing to every muscles and bones in our body, and one should never underestimate the power of bathing in water that is hotter than the air around us.

The one thing that could heat a water is, of course, a water heater (unless you live somewhere near the desert or close to the sun, which is not probable in my opinion).

Water heater is possibly one of man’s greatest creation. It can turn even the coldest of water into a warm or a hot one (depends on your personal preference).

Hot or warm water is always accepted in every part of the world, so we have to thank those who invented water heater. Thanks to them, we can bathe in hot or warm water even if we live in someplace cold and secluded.

Lochinvar Water Heater

However, having a water heater is not enough, especially if you live in a place where the cold can even freeze an ice queen’s heart. You need proper knowledge in handling and treating water heaters as well.

If you handle it wrong, the water heater might burst in flames and you can kiss your warm jacuzzi bath goodbye (unless you like to relax in cold water, that is). If you do not treat the water heater right, the heater might as well leave for a better owner.

To be able to maintain your water heater to the max, you need to know about the basics. Included in the basics are ways to know how old your water heater is and how to operate it. Let us start with the first thing in the list: knowing how old your water heater is.

What to do to find out about how old my Lochinvar water heater is?

It is pretty easy, actually. Some (if not all) water heaters came with a series of numbers engraved on it. For the Lochinvar series, you will find it somewhere near the data plate.

To make it simple for Lochinvar themself and for us, they created some sort of alphabetic code that can help us determine how old the thing is. For example, say that the serial number is AJ8123596 and A is the year 1964. The thing was made back in 1964.

Lochinvar Water Heater Age

The code also recycles. As the alphabet progress, so does the year. If A is 1964, then B would be 1965 and so on.

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