How to Fix Rheem Tankless Water Heater Error Code 13

Rheem is long-known for being one of the greatest water heater manufacturers in the industry. However, there is nothing like perfection in this world. If you ever have encountered error code 13 in your Rheem, you probably wonder what it is about.

Lucky you, we’ve got the tricks of how to deal with Rheem tankless water heater error code 13.

Error Code 13 on Rheem Tankless Water Heater

What happens if your Rheem tankless water heater keeps shutting off error code 13? If you are new to owning a Rheem water heater in the house, you should know that Rheem error codes help you understand what errors happened inside the machine. Rheem tankless water heater error code 13 isn’t provided without any means.

How to Fix Rheem Tankless Water Heater Error Code 13

It turns out that this code expresses ‘Flame Rod: poor or improper combustion. If this code happens to appear on your water heater, you can check these things below:

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  1. Check both of the exhaust venting and air intakes. Are those installed correctly and working well? It is important not to let the exhaust recirculates the air.
  2. Inspect and dismiss blockage from the exhaust venting. Check it especially on the end of the venting; free it from any logjam if possible.
  3. Recheck whether the altitude settings are right and reflect your location.
  4. Inspect the Flame Rod FL-24
  5. Or, check the blower motor for any dysfunction.

Rheem Error Codes

Just like purchasing another water heater, when you are purchasing a Rheem water heater, you should have been given the manual book that comes together with the bundle. You can see the list of error codes that help you troubleshoot the water heater’s problem.

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There are many error codes with various troubleshooting techniques to work with. It is best to refer to the manual and do as advised. With that being said, it is best not to work on it yourself if you are advised to call a professional.

You can fix the water heater yourself if the manual book gives you a guide on what part to check.

Rheem Tankless Water Heater Troubleshooting

If you ever encountered error code 13 from your Rheem tankless water heater, it is great to troubleshoot to find the source of the problem. Although it is much easier if you directly call a professional to fix this issue, it will cost you less if you can detect the issue yourself.

More often than not, if you see this error code, you will have your tankless water heater shut off immediately. This may happen after several months of purchasing your water heater, and this issue may be repetitious.

Before fixing your water heater, it is important to ensure that your water heater is free from any electric current while troubleshooting. Then, you can do those aforementioned tricks.

It’s best to encompass your troubleshooting to the first and second tricks, which are:

  1. Rechecking whether the exhaust venting and the air intake is working properly. These two, if work out of order, can cause improper combustion inside the machine.
  2. The second trick is to check for any blockage in the exhaust venting. Aside from that, inspect and find whether some deposits are found in the flame rods. If this occurs, make sure to dismiss the deposits thoroughly. Most people will be advised to clean the hard-to-access thermocouples with fine-grit sandpaper or some steel wools. You may also want to get a replacement for your flame rod.

Those are some methods you can apply to get rid of Rheem tankless water heater error code 13. As an advice, check your water heater condition routinely; cleaning the burner, igniter, and thermocouple (flame rods) can be a good trick to avoid getting error code 13.

You may also consider calling customer service so that you won’t get lost while fixing it.

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