Sensus Water Meter: The Most Common Problems

Many houses have face Sensus water meter problems. They are usually about leakage, the water meter reading, the regulator, and many more. Water meter is similar with other household appliances meters, such as gas or electricity meter.

It is a device that helps the suppliers measuring the use of water at your home or resident by reading the meter to calculate how much to charge you with. It is also used for the charge of sewerage services.

But before this article discuss the common problems of your Sensus water meter; let’s take a closer look at the Sensus water meter first. Below, this article will get you to know the Sensus water mater.

About Sensus Water Meter

Sensus water meter has been around for more than 100 years, was once called Pittsburgh Equitable Metering Company, and has become the most recognizable among the water meter industry. The Sensus water meter is indeed more expensive than other water meters, but they are not disappointing. They give you high quality products and accuracy in water meter reading.

Sensus Water Meter

Common Sensus Water Meter Problems

The water meter malfunction faced by many houses proves that water meter problems can be very expensive if the owner does not address the problems as quickly as possible. When you have seen this kind of problems with your water meter, try to fix them as fast as you can. Here are three most common water meter problems shown by the sensus water meter problems.


The water meter leakage problem can happen if the installation is wrong or incorrect, a fracture on pipe, or damaged water meter. Like most of the water meters, sensus water meter has leak testing device. The device will help you locate the leak.

To do the leak test, fist shut off al the taps and make sure that no one use the toilet, washing machine, or shower. Mark the position the ‘leak triangle’ position. Wait for 20 minutes. If the posistion doen’t move, it mens that you have no leak or few leaks. If the position moves, that indicat that you have to check for all pipes, taps, and hose connection because the leak can happen anywhere.

Sensus Water Meter Problems leakage

Inaccurate Water Meter Reading

Knowing the correct way to read the water meter is very important. But not all people are aware of the right way reading the water meter. Knowing how to read the water meter correctly can help you locating the leaks, save your water and monitor the water usage.

Air Valve Problem

The air valve helps preventing air from traveling through the pipe towards the water meter. Air, which flows into the water mater, can caused damage to the components inside and raise the water meter reading. The air will replace the water in the pipeline, when the water refills the pipeline; the air will be force through the water mater causing the impeller rotating and gears very fast.

Installation Problem

When installing the water meter doesn’t follow the procedure written in the guidelines, it will trigger the problems like leakage, incorrect reading, and other inconveniences.

Those are three most common problems found in sensus water meter problems.

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