How to Read Neptune Water Meters in Two Easy Steps

Neptune water meter is a device that has a simple interface. It tells you about the amount of your water consumption just by a glance. However, if you want to get into highly detailed reading, the guide on how to read Neptune water meters will help you.

How to Read Neptune Water Meters Easily and Precisely

A water meter is a measuring device that informs water volume used by a property. You can learn how to read a Neptune water meter in cubic feet or gallons unit, but the steps below will tell you about the first unit.

How to Read Neptune Water Meters

Check the register

The register is the series of numbers displayed by the water meter. For example, if it shows 120432, it means you have used 120 thousand, 4 hundred, and 32 cubic feet of water. It is really as simple as looking at the disclosed number.

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However, the chance is, you haven’t used hundreds of thousands of cubic feet of water, especially if the property is relatively new. In this case, you need to focus on several last numbers shown on the register to see your consumption rate. By using the prior example, the last numbers are 432 cubic feet.

Check the dial for more precise numbers

For a more detailed guide on how to read Neptune water meters, look at the moving red sweep hand inside the dial. It shifts from a number to another. This sweep hand measures 1/10 of a cubic foot. 1 cubic foot of water is consumed if the sweep hand has done a complete rotation. Put the dial digits behind the register digits.

For example, if the dialed number displays 57, then it means you have to add 0.57 to 120432 – resulting in a total of 120432.57 cubic feet as the precise amount of consumed water.

Sometimes, it is possible to encounter some Neptune water meter problems, such as a dysfunctional or broken device. To find out if the water meter is really not working, locate it inside enclosed plastic, concrete, or metal box that’s connected to the supply pipe and place it close to your property, such as in the front yard.

Then switch off the entire water usage in your house and inspect if the dial is moving. It shouldn’t move when there is no water being consumed. It could be concluded that the device is broken or you’ve got a leak if the dial moved.

Besides the manual model, it is possible to get Neptune digital water meter. The readout display is digital and usually placed under a plastic cover in black color. In case it doesn’t display any number when opened, try to shine a flashlight directly to the device.

The method on how to read Neptune water meters above can be used to calculate your water consumption. It can also be used as Neptune digital water meter leak indicator, aside from the manual display model. Just subtract the number between your current water meter numbers and your water meter numbers shortly.

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