The Most Important Bobcat Fault Code List

Bobcat fault code list is something that the owner of this loader brand has to understand. It is believed that Bobcat is indeed one of the most common loaders used out there.

The product is considered versatile, inexpensive and capable in providing stunning performance. If something wrong happens with the loader, there will be fault code displayed by the loader.

Essential Bobcat Fault Code List

To make sure the loader can work properly again, the owner or the operator needs to understand the Bobcat fault code list. Down below, there are five most common and most important fault codes that every owner of the loader needs to know.

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It will help them understand it quickly about what is going on and what is wrong with the loader. Here they are.

Bobcat Fault Code List

1. 01-17 for Clogged Air Filter

The 01-17 code is telling you that the air filter on the machine is clogged. The clogging can happen because of so many things, including dirt and debris. How to reset the Bobcat fault code of 01-17? The answer is to open up the air filter and remove anything inside it that causing the clogging,

2. 03-22 for Low Battery Voltage

03-22 is the code that will get displayed when the battery is in low voltage. You do not want to mess around with the battery as it can cause errors on the electricity connection and will surely damage the whole machine.

3. 07-21 for High Oil Temperature

One of the most common items on Bobcat skid steer fault code list is this 07-21. It indicates that the temperature of the oil is too high. When it happens, you want to solve it as soon as possible as the oil can reach boiling temperature and it will end up with your entire machine burning and getting permanently damaged.

4. 09-09 for Low Fuel Level

The 09-09 code seems unique and easy to memorize. This is the code that happens when the fuel is low. Having the machine low on oil is something that you do not want to do as it will causing rust on the oil tank and the machine won’t even perform. This is why the fuel tank needs to get refilled regularly.

5. 38-04 for Joystick Error Connection

The last code here is the 38-04. This is the code that tells you about the joystick or the controller of the loader. The joystick is not connected properly to the whole machine. This is why you need to get rid of the problem immediately as joystick is such a massive part of the loader.

Those are some of the most important codes that you need to know. Whenever they are getting displayed by the loader, simply do what it needs to reverse the situation.

Do not let the errors happen for a long time in order to avoid permanent damage. You do not want the Bobcat loader to get ruined and that is why understanding the Bobcat fault code list is incredibly important.