Envirotemp Water Heater Age-Warranty Information

Envirotemp water heater age Envirotemp water heater warranty is probably essential for the water heater owner to know. Envirotemp is one of the most prominent brands when it comes to water heaters across the USA.

Of course, the whole thing comes with a warranty. You need to determine the product age, too, to make sure the warranty is still going.

Envirotemp Water Heater Age Water Heater Warranty

So, how to determine the warranty and the product age? Below are several tips and tricks that you need to know about the Envirotemp water heater age Envirotemp water heater warranty.

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Envirotemp Water Heater Age

Surely it will help to make sure that the machine is still covered by warranty. It will also determine the production year of the machine with ease.

1. Find the Serial Number

Before everything else, you need to figure out the serial number of the whole machine. Please take a look at your water heater and check the back of it. You should always find the lists of numbers or digits there, indicating that they are the serial number. If you cannot find them, check the manual book as they are usually written there, too.

2. The First Two Digits

The first two digits of the serial number are the year of production for the water heater. So, if the serial number begins with “95,” say, for example, it means that the machine was produced in 1995. If the machine is relatively new, the serial number will begin with “18” or “19,” indicating that they were made in 2018 or 2019.

3. The Next Two Digits

If the first two digits on the Envirotemp electric water heater serial number is the year of production, the next two numbers after that is the weeks. So, if your serial number begins with “0215,” say, for example, it means that the machine was made in 2002 (the year) in week 15. So, it is probably around March to April.

4. The Warranty Determination

Determining the warranty is tricky as you know the warranty only lasts for 3-5 years. However, some products are protected with a lifetime warranty, too. This is why you have to check the manual book and the warranty book included in the package.

5. The Customer Service

If you find those things up there are too complicated to handle, the easy way to determine everything is to call the Envirotemp water heater customer service. They are well known to be reliable, and the hotline for customer service is ready 24/7. The customer service is also available on social media and live chat.

The water heater is sometimes ancient. If you move to a place and there is a water heater there already, the chance is the machine has been there for decades.

Warranty is not possible at this point, but at least you know the machine’s age so you can inform the plumber or anyone fixing them. This is why understanding the Envirotemp water heater age Envirotemp water heater warranty is quite helpful.

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