Bobcat S250 Specs: the Operator Friendly Skid Steer Loader

When you look at the Bobcat s250 specs, they are more than enough to get you to buy this skid steer loader. This Bobcat S250 skid steer loader is a very popular machine among the Bobcat lineup.

The machine is compatible to be used in construction sites, landscaping, agriculture, snow removal, concrete, and many more; it makes it more obvious that Bobcat S250 has plenty of power to do your task.

Bobcat S250 Specs

Bobcat S250 Specs

The Bobcat S250 is great for land and dirt handling, snow removal, and truck loader because of the help from the vertical path lift arms that help the operator reach higher levels for heavy lifting.

It was made first in 2002 by Bobcat Company. The Bobcat S250 stands just over 142.9 inches long with a standard bucket, 74 inches (1880 mm) in girth, and 128.8 inches (3272 mm) high with the top cab.

The 48.8 wheelbases create a smooth ride. The machine can reach a maximum lift and dump for 21.6 ft, with the clearances reach up to 8.3 ft. The Bobcat S250 specs are featured with Liquid Cooled diesel engine Kubota V3300-DI-TE3 model, capable of producing 75 horsepower.

It also has four cylinders and a 25 gal fuel tank capacity. The rated operating capacity for Bobcat S250 is 2.500 lb, with a lift height of 126.4 inches. The Bobcat S250 oil capacity is 13.3 liters (14 qts). It is also featured with a hydraulic flow of 20.7 gpm plus extra 10 gpm high-flow option packages, making 30.7 gpm in total, under the weight of 7825 pounds.

The Bobcat S250 also has two-speed options. The maximum speed with a single-speed reaches 6.9 miles per hour (11.1 km/h), and the maximum speed with two-speed can reach up to 12 miles per hour (19.3 km/h).

Bobcat S250 Extra Features

The Bobcat S250 skid steer loader has vertical-path lifting arms, which gives the machine more lifting power. It is perfect for heavy lifting, higher reach and lifts, speed, and capacity, yet it does not reduce machine performance. Below are other features that benefit greatly for the operator:

  1. Belt-Drive advantages mean that the machine is quieter when running, uses less fuel and maximum pump efficiency, and minimizes the steering lever’s effort.
  2. A Dual-path cooling system brings clean air from above and mixes it with the engine compartment air, then lets it out two-side vents.
  3. Bob-Tach Attachments (backhoe, pallet fork, grapple, tiller, sweeper, and many more) give the operator many options to replace a bucket with.
  4. The State-of-the-art instrument panel provides lots of operational features and monitoring and the Optional Deluxe instrument panel.
  5. Operator comfort is fulfilled. The Bobcat S250 has an adjustable suspension seat, innovative seat bars, Bobcat Interlock Control System (BICS), optional joystick control, climate-controlled cab enclosure, AC and heater, etc.
  6. Operator-friendly performance

The Bobcat S250 is very flexible and easy to be operated and maneuvered. There are also many choices in the attachments option. What’s more, it offers the backup for the machine service and has great Bobcat S250 specs.

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