Bobcat T300 Specs: Perfect Multi-Track Terrain Loader

The Bobcat T300 specs are created to have great components in them. This track loader was made by Bobcat Company that is a part of Korea’s Doosan group based in America, with its’ headquarter located in West Fargo, North Dakota, USA.

This company focuses on farm and construction equipment manufacturers. This track loader can work in large surface areas, slippery, muddy, or even unstable terrains.

Bobcat T300 Outer Dimensions

The Bobcat T300 track loader is good to be used to do hard labor work. It is designed 9.6 ft in (2918 mm) without a bucket, 11.9 ft in with the bucket in length, and 6.5 ft in (1981 mm) in width. The height of this track loader reaches 6.7 ft in (2055 mm). The loader bucket can be lifted to 8.3 ft (2517 mm) and can reach 2.8 ft (859 mm).

Bobcat T300 Machine Specs

The Bobcat T300 specs have a Kubota v3300TE 81 hp horsepower produces by a four-cylinder diesel engine complete with a turbocharged engine. The Bobcat T300 has 30 gallons fuel capacity and can reach the maximum speed up to 10.6 km/h (6.6 mph) under the operating weight 4400.8 kg (9702 lb). The numbers of track rollers are 5 per side and have 4.2 psi ground pressure.

Bobcat T300 Specs

The Bobcat T300 also comes with a high-flow hydraulics system that can pump fluid 21.2 gallons per minute (80.3 liters per minute). Aside from that, Bobcat T300 also comes with

  1. Standard rubber tracks
  2. BICS function (Bobcat Interlock Control System)
  3. ACS (Advanced Control System)
  4. Optional SJC (Selectable Joystick Control)
  5. Attachment control device
  6. Intake air heater
  7. Operating light

The track is also available with an air cleaner, alternator, battery, and cooling system. The operator’s safety and comfort are also provided well with BICS, lift arm bypass control, seat belt, seat bar, and operator cab.

In addition to the Bobcat T320 specs, the Bobcat Company has also added a new roller suspension system and an improvement to the undercarriage on the Bobcat T300 to add the operator comfort while operating the track loader on the field.

Bobcat T320 Specs

Bobcat T300 General Maintenance

General maintenance is needed to keep your Bobcat T300 track loader to be able to keep working. The most important part is the undercarriage. After working on the slippery, muddy, or abrasive area, the undercarriage will be full of dirt.

Keep the undercarriage clean every time after you use the track loader. Try to get the dirt and debris out as much as possible. Then, make sure that the rollers can turn and free of debris. Once you are done cleaning up the undercarriage, check for uneven wear that can cause the shifting of load to other components, which will result in wearing out the system quicker.

Do not forget to check the sprocket for unnecessary excessive wear. If there are some, replace them to prevent damage on the track. Regular maintenance on your Bobcat T300 is the key to maximizing the life of the track loader.

Bobcat Company has surely given their best on their track loader, and you can read it all in Bobcat T300 specs.

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