Bobcat 863 Specs, Features and Problems

When looking for a powerful but affordable skid steer loader, an old model like Bobcat 863 can be a good choice. The skid steer loader first appeared on the market in 1996.

Today, Bobcat has replaced it with various new S series models. Nonetheless, some old models, including the 863 models, are still popular among customers.

New models of this loader are still available, but they are rare due to their old age. Because you will mostly get a used loader when you buy a Bobcat 863, you have to understand the specifications and features of this skid steer loader and some problems that often trouble this loader. We will discuss Bobcat 863 specs, features, and problems in this article.

Bobcat 863 Specs

Bobcat 863 Specs

1. Engine

Regarding Bobcat 863, one notable feature of this skid steer loader is its powerful four-cylinder turbocharged Deutz engine with diesel fuel and oil cooling. This engine features power that is rated at 73 hp.

Deutz diesel is known for its power and reliability. Bobcat loaders with this engine are considered unique and often better than Bobcat’s previous models, which mostly use weak Kubota diesel engines.

Bobcat 863 Engine

On paper, Bobcat 863’s Deutz engine is not much less powerful than the engine of the latest Bobcat’s skid steer loader model as of 2018, the S850 with its 92-hp engine. Bobcat 863 is a good choice for a sufficiently powerful skid steer loader at a reasonable price.

2. Performance

With this engine, this loader is expected to offer reasonable operating performance. The tipping load of this skid steer loader, or the load weight at which the loader with its boom horizontally positioned will begin to tip over the front axle is rated at 3800 lbs. or 1724 kg.

Because the tipping load of a wheeled loader is normally twice its rated operating capacity, it is safe to use this skid steer loader to work with 1900 lbs. or 862 kg of load.

If an optional counterweight is installed, you can increase this skid steer loader’s rated operating capacity to 2000 lbs. or 907 kg. Although its rated operating capacity barely passes the 1-ton threshold, its power-to-capacity ratio is slightly higher than that of the latest Bobcat S850 model, whose operating capacity is rated at 1792 kg.

3. Speed

Although a skid steer loader is not designed for speed, you may want to know how fast it runs from A to B. Bobcat 863’s travel speed is rated at 6.6 mph or 10.6 km/hr. With the two-speed option, its speed ranges from 7.2 mph to 11.6 km/hr. On the low range to 12.5 mph or 20.1 km/hr. On the high range. Moving it from one spot to another should not be a time-consuming task.

4. Dimension

This powerful skid steer loader is among the compact machinery that doesn’t take much space in your garage regarding dimensions. With a length of 135.4 inches (3439 mm), width of 74.0 inches (1880 mm), height of 82.3 inches (2090 mm), and height to bucket pin at 121.0 inches (3073 mm), it should be small enough to be stored in your regular car garage.

Bobcat 863 Features

There are three versions of Bobcat 863: C-series, F-series, and G-series. Bobcat 863 C-series looks like its counterpart, with some internal modifications introduced in the F-series model. The G-series introduces visual redesigns, including rounded corners on the cab and triangular headlights compared with the other two models’ rectangular headlights.

The G-series model is also the most advanced in terms of internal features. The easiest way to distinguish the three models is by looking at the headlights and the model’s decal. On the C-series model, the 863 numbers go from top to bottom, whereas they go from left to right on the other two.

Here are some notable features that you can enjoy when using Bobcat 863.

1. Safety

Bobcat 863 features a Bobcat Interlock Control System (BICS) that ensures that the loader can be controlled only if everything, including the operator, is ready.

2. Bob-Tach System

Bobcat 863 features a convenient and secure attachment system. Numerous attachments are available, and they can be attached and detached quickly and conveniently to the loader’s main body, thanks to the Bob-Tach System.

3. Belt Drive Advantage

There are many great things that you can enjoy from the loader’s Belt Drive Advantage, including improved fuel efficiency and pump efficiency, lighter steering, and a quieter and more durable engine.

4. Self-Lubrication

Bobcat 863 incorporates self-lubricating axle bearings. Manual greasing of these parts is unnecessary, allowing easier maintenance and more durable components.

5. Numerous Extras

You can enhance the Bobcat 863’s versatility by installing various optional components and attachments. Optional components include an Advanced Control System, high-flow auxiliary hydraulics, power Bob-Tach, a deluxe instrument panel, a two-speed option, and cab modifications. For attachments there are over 40 optional attachments available for this model.

Bobcat 863 Problems

Because you will mostly buy a used skid steer loader, you should be familiar with Bobcat 863 problems. Even the new loader has a problem with seals leaking, so the leak should be the first thing to inspect when checking up the loader. Also, pay attention to the operating capacity that we have explained above.

Bobcat 863 Problems

Bobcat skid steer loaders feel light in the back, especially if you are near the 1900 lbs. limit. This problem is not because you use a used loader but mostly because most Bobcat skid steer loaders feel that way. To alleviate this problem, you can install a counterweight on its back or replace the tires with tracks. These modifications not only eliminate the problems but can even increase the loader’s operating capacity limit.

Your Bobcat loader should be in a worth-purchasing condition if its usage hour is somewhere around 1000 hours and if its parts are properly maintained.

Check for cracks on the body and ensure that the engine and the hydraulic compartment are clean to confirm that the loader is properly maintained. With proper maintenance and reasonable usage hours, you should not worry much about Bobcat 863 problems. Most of the time, if they are ever-present, they involve only minor and inexpensive repairs.

Want to know more about Bobcat 863 Specification? You can see the attachment PDF Bobcat 863 Specs.

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