Do the Water Leaking from under Bathtub? Find Out Why, Who to Call, and How Much to Prepare

Drip, drip, drip – the sound goes on and on. Following that sound, you stumble upon a view where your ceiling has become a ‘rainy cloud’ inside the house. After a thorough inspection, you conclude that the drip-drip-drip sound may result from locating the bathroom above.

Water Leaking from under Bathtub

What if that leaking positioned directly under your bathtub? As in this article, we will examine how come water is leaking from under the bathtub leaks. Well, there is also additional information as well.

Water Stain on Ceiling below Bathroom

It’s undeniable that the ceiling may start to turn yellowish when it got affected by water leaks. Such discoloration, in addition to buckling plaster, sagging drywall, and of course – water dripping sound, are the sensible ‘symptoms’ of a leaking ceiling.

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Water Stain on Ceiling below Bathroom

If the leak is positioned on the ceiling whereupon it is a bathroom, it makes sense as much as when your ceiling got direct access to the roofing system. We all know that bathroom is frequently used – and the amount of daily water use may be great enough. This number will be greater if you own a bathtub.

So, what may cause that dripping water sound from your ceiling? Well, there are many reasons if the leakage is also linked with the bathtub’s positioning.

  1. Leaks in the draining system

It can be anything from it: the piping, the tub drain, or surrounding areas. If this is what happens, troubleshooting this may take quite a long time. Plus, you are on the verge of not using the bathtub for days.

  1. Faucet leaks

If that is not the bathtub, then it’s this fellow – faucets. If the condition in question is about leaking on the ceiling, it’s the water piping connections that develop leaks more often than not. Like draining system leaks, these must be gradual, long-term, and unknown leaks that build up and cause leakage.

  1. Grout or caulk leaks

Another reason that may cause wet and leaky ceilings is the cracks and leaks on the grout and caulking system. Although it seems strenuous and hard to get tackled by water, if the ‘attack’ is continuous enough, it may break the grout as well.

  1. The tub’s leaky as well

If the tub is leaky, too, it can lead to grout cracks that lead to leaks. It may start small, but as it is left unknown, this leads to a bigger problem. Sometimes, the issue stems from the drain assembly itself, which might have become dislodged or damaged over time.

The overflow drain is another critical component that can be the source of leaks, especially if its seal has been compromised. This often-overlooked part plays a pivotal role in preventing water from spilling over the edges of the tub during a bath.

Noticing a constant drip from your faucet or any part of the bathtub assembly can be an early warning sign of potential leaks. It’s crucial to address these drips promptly to prevent them from escalating into more significant issues.

Tub Leaking through Ceiling Cost

If there’s water leaking from the ceiling under the bathtub, you may start to wonder how much it will cost for the repair. That’s pretty reasonable, though.

Well, it depends on what damage is occurring to your ceiling and tub. But to draw a median line, it usually takes around $700-3,000 so that the whole ceiling job could be finished. You know, water leaking from under the bathtub cannot be fixed merely by fixing the tub.

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You can opt to replace all and start anew with a new tub and piping system. But, more often than not, it will take more than the expected price.

Who to Call for Water Leak in Ceiling?

It’s not ambulance nor police – it’s time to place a call to your routine plumber. For such a job, a plumber is the right person as plumbers have the whole package to start it off: some experiences, tools, and knowledge to diagnose, locate, and resolve the problem.

Some services may even offer 24/7 service, so you can rest assured about the ceiling and still can dream about having a hot bath on Friday night.

Now you know what may cause water leaking from under the bathtub, how much cash to prepare, as well as knowing who can assist you in terms of leaking. It’s best to directly call a professional as soon as you’ve noticed the dripping. It is because the earlier you start, then the smaller issue you should fix.

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