Recommended and Standard Height for the Showerhead

Bathing is an activity that you should not miss every day. With so many different types of soaps and shampoos with scents, bathing becomes an exciting and relaxing activity. Related to rinsing water on the body, there are still 2 main bathing choices, namely using a shower and using a dipper.

If you put practicality first, using a shower is the right choice. Although there are no official rules, the shower has the standard height for the showerheads. If you want to install a shower in the bathroom or renovate your bathroom, this info will be useful.

Best Height for The Showerhead

Although there are no written rules, in the industrial world (such as hotels), showerheads are installed at 80 inches high from the bathroom floor. This is rated as the ideal shower height because it can accommodate the average human height.

Even if there are people with more height than the average person, the shower height of 80 inches can still accommodate that person’s height.

Standard Height For Shower Heads
Standard Height For Shower Heads

However, these standards are unwritten standards that are likely only used in the industrial world. If you want to install a shower in your bathroom, you better adjust it to the average height of the house’s occupants. Noteworthy is the showerhead height must be higher than the highest occupant of the house.

Or if you live alone, of course, the showerhead must be higher than you. As a standard, install a showerhead 3 inches higher than your height (or the tallest person in the house). Installing 3 inches higher will still give you the right quality water spray. For example, if you are 5 feet (60 inches) tall, install a 63-inch showerhead.

The Standard Height for The Handheld Showerhead

If you feel lazy to measure a home person’s average height and want to use a standard height for the showerhead, go ahead. However, do not use industry-standard height (80 inches) for all types of showers. As you know, there are many types of showers, but generally, there are 3 types, namely handheld, wall-mounted, and rain showerheads.

These three types of showerheads have recommended unwritten standards (but not industry standards) if you want to be installed in your bathroom.

Standard Height for The Handheld Showerhead

First is the handheld showerhead. The handheld showerhead is a type of shower installed on the bathroom wall but can still be removed (like a microphone). If you want to use a handheld showerhead in your bathroom, the showerhead’s recommended standard height is 72 to 78 inches high.

This height is considered appropriate because of this showerhead’s flexibility – this shower can be removed from the wall. Also, this type of showerhead usually has an angle setting that can be changed on the port to place the handheld shower. For those of you who have children, this type of shower is suitable to be installed in your bathroom because of its flexibility.

The Standard Height for The Wall-mounted Showerhead

Wall-mounted showerheads are similar to handheld showerheads, which are both installed on the wall. The difference is that the wall-mounted shower head cannot be removed from the wall like a handheld showerhead. If you want to use this type of showerhead, the recommended height is set at 80 inches high, the same as the industry’s height.

Standard Height for The Wall-mounted Showerhead

Why? This type of shower causes is inflexible, cannot be removed from the wall. So, it’s best to follow industry standards based on the average height of the average person. 80 inches high also accommodates people with a height of 190 cm (6.23 feet) and above.

Also, 80 inches high is right because this wall-mounted does not have a shower angle adjustment. So, choosing a high standard is recommended.

The Standard Height for The Rain Showerhead

Unlike the two previous types of showerheads, this type of showerhead is not installed on the wall. The rain showerhead is a type of shower head installed directly above the head of a person or parallel to the head of a showering person.

So, you will feel a sensation like a rain shower because water comes out above your head. If you want to use the rain shower head for your bathroom, the recommended height for a showerhead is 84-85 inches.

Standard Height For Rain Shower Head
Standard Height For Rain Shower Head

Why use 84-85 inches for this standard height for the showerhead? This is caused by this type of showerhead directly above your head. If it’s too low, then your head will hit the showerhead.

If you use a height of 80 inches, it is feared that it will not accommodate people with a height above average (ends up with hit the showerhead too) – this is different from the wall-mounted shower head mounted on the wall.

Another thing that is less satisfactory when installing a rain showerhead with a height of 80 inches is when the shower water feels less so like rain, therefore mounted higher. The rain shower head is suitable for you to install in your bathroom if the house’s height is different.

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