Bobcat Hydraulic Oil – Types, Ingredients and Uses

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Generally speaking, among various products in the market, Bobcat hydraulic oil is one of the top products. Many recommend this specific oil due to specific reason.

For Bobcat equipment, this oil is a must to use because the oil has been designed to meet the Bobcat’s equipment requirement. Therefore, the oil can keep the equipment operating in optimum performance.

Bobcat itself has been around for many years in producing equipment and oils. All of the products have find quality and are made from the best specific additives and base oils. The oils allow the equipment to perform in all types of condition including the extreme one with high temperature and subzero temperature.

Bobcat hydraulic oil

They also protect the equipment from corrosion and rust just like what an ideal oil should do because rust is the number one enemy for equipment.

Types of Bobcat Hydraulic Oil

In general, what’s known as hydraulic oil is specific non compressible oil that is widely used in various kinds of equipment or hydraulic machinery such as drill floor power units, hydraulic ring mains and diggers. It can be mineral based, biodegradable or synthetic and is used to transfer power. The oil is also able to be used as lubricant, coolant and sealant in equipment and machinery.

As specific company with specific products, Bobcat offers a variety of oil products for the customers. The general products include:

  • Bobcat Engine Oils
  • Bobcat Coolant and Transmission Oil
  • Bobcat Hydraulic Oil
  • Bobcat Synthetic Oil
  • Bobcat Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil

Each product of Bobcat hydraulic oil has its own character and purposes. It is also made from specific materials. Therefore, it is necessary to use the right specific product for specific Bobcat equipment. As for the package sizes, it is available in 4 different sizes of 5 liter, 20 liter, 210 liter and 1000 liter.

Hydraulic Oil from Bobcat

Specifically, there are three different products of Bobcat hydraulic oil available in the market. Each oil is unique and fine in its quality. As user, you can choose which oil fits the need for your Bobcat equipment. And, you can also considering using Bobcat oil for non Bobcat equipment as long as the oil fits the equipment requirement.

Bobcat Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil

As the name suggest, this is a specific biodegradable Bobcat hydraulic oil made from specific base oils and additives. It is considered a premium oil and environmentally friendly. From the beginning, it has been designed to offer outstanding performance for many kinds of Bobcat equipment that operate at various conditions even the severe ones.

Bobcat Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil

In particular, it provides benefits as the following:

  • Outstanding protection against rust, wear and corrosion including by providing high quality thin oil film protection that is significant to protect against rusting
  • Exceptional film strength and anti-wear characteristics that are required to make sure the hydraulic system can operate properly under high pressure and high load
  • Excellent equipment performance in wide temperature range
  • Really non toxic and biodegradable so the oil may help to reduce potential of environmental damage

Bobcat Hydraulic Oil

Another product of hydraulic oil from Bobcat is also in the finest quality. This is known as highly specialized fluid which is blended from the finest substances including base oils and additives. The finest substances are significantly required to fulfill the equipment requirement for high performance of various Bobcat equipment types. By using the oil, the users can expect optimum performance and protection, long life and reliability of the equipment.

And, the oil makes sure the equipment can operate at optimum performance in various extreme conditions. Even in subzero temperature, it will not be difficult for the equipment to stay operating with the protection from the oil. What the oil also does is providing optimum flow.

Bobcat Synthetic Hydraulic Oil

Also known as one of the best Bobcat hydraulic oil, the Bobcat synthetic hydraulic oil has its own character and basic substances. It is not an old product but a recent breakthrough that is considered a very find product. In fact, it has been proven to be delivering great uses and purposes to make sure the Bobcat equipment performance improves from time to time.

Bobcat Synthetic Hydraulic Oil

In other words, the oil is very useful to improve the equipment productivity. Other things or benefits that the users can expect and experience include improved cycle times, increased work output and also smoother operations.

What’s Difference between Mineral Based and Synthetic Oils?

In case you are not familiar with everything about hydraulic oil, here is a bit of information regarding the difference between the mineral based and synthetic oils. What makes an oil a synthetic one is because it is produced in a laboratory and it has additives which are necessary to increase the oil’s lifespan, prevent wear and also allow the oil to work in extreme condition or under heavy load.

Meanwhile, the mineral based oil represents the oil that is still derived from crude oil. It also contains additives. However, the additives may be less resilient than the additives contained in synthetic oil. So, users who expect more protection usually chooses synthetic oil instead of mineral based.

With the primary use of transferring power within the equipment hydraulic system, the oil is first pushed through the system before producing force on another system’s part. Then, it results in action or movement. All types of hydraulic oil contains specific base ingredients including Esters, Ethers, Mineral or Synthetic Oil, Silicone, Glycol and other additives.

As for the additives, there are specific additives usually contained in the oil. The anti-wear additive for instance is necessary to prolong the machinery and equipment life. Cold flow is additive to allow usage in extreme condition. Anti foaming is special agent to reduce foaming within fluid. The antioxidant is additive for longer use period and reduced sludge deposit. Meanwhile the anti rust is specific additive to form protective coating to reduce rust damage due to oxygen contact.

Now that you have read important information regarding the specific Bobcat hydraulic oil and additional information of hydraulic oil, you should be able to properly choose and use this specific oil.

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