A Guide on How to Adjust Orbit Sprinkler Heads in Easy Way

The first step to providing a proper irrigation system for your garden and lawn is to install a sprinkler system. Using sprinklers requires you to periodically adjust the heads to adapt to the local climate and help the plants to thrive better. There are many variations of sprinkler heads out there by different manufacturers, including Orbit.

The guide below will show you the easy way on how to adjust Orbit sprinkler heads in a few simple steps.

how to adjust Orbit sprinkler heads

3 Steps on How to Adjust Pop-up Sprinkler Heads from Orbit

Before you read and learn how to adjust sprinkler heads, it has to be noted that not all sprinkler models can be adjusted as several models are designed with particular patterns of spraying. The adjustable sprinkler head models are the ones with screws in their center, so check if yours have one.

Its type also determines the method to adjust your sprinkler head. You may own the spray, impact, or rotating design. Among them all, the pop-up sprinkler is the most commonly used type for yards for many countries. As implied by the name, the pop-up sprinkler head rises from the ground when it detects water pressure. Here is the basis of how to adjust Orbit sprinkler heads if you have a pop-up model:

  1. Make sure you have turned on the sprinkler system, so you can see the head to create a proper adjustment.
  2. After the head is visible, adjust it by using a small screwdriver.
  3. Turn your screw in a clockwise or counterclockwise movement. It depends on if you need higher or lower pressure of water.

Pop-up sprinkler head’s arc depends on the rotating sprinkle angle. For instance, if the sprinkle head is installed in a circle, you’d have a circular water coverage area. Now, let’s assume that you need the sprinkler system to spray water to a half-circular area, and then you need to rotate the angle as much as 180 degrees.

To adjust the sprinkler head’s arc, it is required for you to observe the top part of the head to discover the socket. Then, rotate the head to the right side and grip it. It also has to be noted that the sprinkler head’s radius determines the nozzle size. Thus, you’d have a bigger coverage radius with a larger nozzle.

Regardless of the type of Orbit sprinkler heads that you have installed in your yard, they must have specific instructions regarding the adjustment of radius, arc, and spray patterns. The sprinkler manufacturer includes the specifications within the Orbit sprinkler manuals, which also contain other necessary information such as cleaning the system, installing the sprinkler head for the first time, and many more.

If all of the parts of your garden and lawn that need to be covered by the water system already receive it, then you know you have adjusted the sprinkler heads properly. If there’s a part that doesn’t receive it or the sprinkler head cannot be adjusted by following how to adjust the Orbit sprinkler heads guide above, you might need to consider replacing the system.

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