The Ultimate Tips on How to Hang Plants from Ceiling without Drilling Holes

The methods on how to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling are often asked by those who love indoor gardening but do not want to cause permanent damage to the ceiling. It happens to many people who live in rented properties or live in a flat or apartment. Drilling holes on the ceiling is an absolute NO, and you have to find other solutions to hang the plants down the ceiling.

How to Hang Plants From Ceiling Without Drilling

Clever Methods to Hang Plants from Ceiling without Drilling

Thankfully, there are tons of methods on how to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling that you can try. They are a temporary solution for those who need to hang plants down the ceiling without causing permanent holes in the properties. They are easy to try and prove most effective. These are the solutions for you.

  1. Using Adhesive Hooks

Adhesive hooks are easy to find and cheap, too. It is a great solution for those wishing to hang plants from the ceiling with ease. The hooks are installed on the ceiling by sticking the adhesive surface, and the plants can be hooked down the ceiling and suspended. It should be a helpful solution for apartments or flats, too.

  1. Planters with Suction Cups

A lot of planters or pots are already completed by suction cups these days. They are designed that way to stick them on any surface that they want without any drilling needed. This is a good solution, though, especially for those looking for the answer to how to hang something on a concrete ceiling without drilling, which is thick and hard to drill anyway.

  1. Using Magnetic Hooks

Ceiling hooks for plants are just the best solution of all. A magnet completes these hooks, a high-strength one to suspend the plants down the ceiling easily. All you need to do is sticking the magnetic hooks down the ceiling and then placing the other part of the magnet on the pot. They will stick together strongly and won’t fall.

  1. Installing Hanging Plant Shelf

Hanging plant shelf is probably a bit of hard work, but no drilling is involved, and then you can hang as many plants as possible down the ceiling. The installation will probably need a bit of nailing here and there, but overall it is still safe and not categorized as drilling anyway.

  1. Using Adjustable Rod

Adjustable rod is available these days, and they can get installed on the ceiling without any drilling or nailing. The consideration when using an adjustable rod is that you need to use it to hang light plants only as it may not be great with heavy ones.

Try those methods, and surely you can continue your indoor gardening obsession without having to cause any changes on the property. That way, the landlord won’t get mad at you at all. This is why those solutions are needed all the time. People do have their ways to continue their hobbies without obstacles, thanks to hanging plants from the ceiling without drilling above.

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