How to Turn on Sprinklers and How to Override the System

Do you ever have any problems with how to turn on sprinklers? Surprisingly, many people don’t really know how to override the already existing system or turn on the sprinkler system manually. Turning on the system sounds like a no-brainer at all, but it can be a little tricky if you are really clueless about the overall system.

How to Turn on Sprinklers

If you are a true ignorant type of homeowner, you are out of luck because it may be happening to you. Unfortunately, having an ignorant homeowner is pretty common – they are the ones that don’t really bother with a system just because a professional service has installed it.

In most cases, it won’t be a problem until the system encounters an issue and the homeowner is left having to deal with everything.

The Sprinkler’s System

How to Turn on Sprinklers

Why do you want to know how to turn on sprinklers? Well, if you don’t want to reprogram the timer’s cycle for watering or when the timer experiences malfunctions, you may want to learn about turning the system on with the old fashion way – or you may want to override the system.

In most cases, the sprinkler valve can be found easily, located, and hidden under the utility boxes. The areas are known as the sprinkler boxes, which are generally covered in dirt or hidden behind the tall grass. If you want to spend some extra time, you can actually check your house’s surroundings and perimeter and find the valve.

How to Override the Program

As mentioned before, you want to know how to do the manual switch on, which is doable when you override the programming timer. The first thing that you need to do is to open the control panel cover.

You need to press or turn the timer keypad (or dial), so you can choose the irrigation zones for the activation. Electronic timers generally control different valves, so if you want to activate all of the systems, you need to choose all zones.

You need to choose a manual cycle on the control panel. If you are using a keypad, navigate until you see the manual cycle. You need to access it to activate the sprinkler system manually. Once you are done with the activation, you can close the cover and check the irrigating zones to ensure that the sprinklers are finally activated.

A Word of Advice

If all of these steps on how to turn on sprinklers sound unfamiliar to you and you are completely useless – even after you have read the directions again and again – then ask for another help. For some people, the idea of doing everything themselves can be overwhelming and confusing.

It would be wise if you call a professional service to help you. Or if you have any friend with good mechanical and technical skills or your neighbor is one of those handy and skilled technicians, ask for help.

It would be better to ask for their help or spend extra money than to deal with further damages because of your actions. Knowing how to turn on sprinklers seems easy, but the real implementation may not so.

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