How to Adjust a Rainbird Sprinkler Head in Easy Way?

The sprinkler irrigation system is a good choice to make if you feel fed up. Fed up with what? Drag that long hose from your shed to the garden – almost every day. With this system, you don’t have to water your garden all by yourself.

how to adjust a rainbird sprinkler head

Just turn on the system and let the machine works wonder by providing fresh water to your lawn. However, things may be ruined if you find out that the spray head position isn’t right.

Wondering how to adjust it? Well, in this article, you will find out how to adjust a Rainbird sprinkler head.

How to Adjust a Rainbird Sprinkler Head

Indeed, there are many types of Rainbird sprinkler heads. If you have a Rainbird sprinkler in your house, it turns out that the trick to adjust its sprinkler head depends on its type of head. But the difference is just minor, one after another.

In general, here is how to adjust the Rainbird rotary nozzle:

How to change the amount of water sprayed out

  1. To change the power of the sprinkler, have a flattened screwdriver with you.
  1. Find the screw located on top of the nozzle.
  1. With your screwdriver, twist it left and right, depending on your need. Usually, if you turn it to the left, the sprinkler will sprinkle more water. If you twist the screw in its opposite direction, what happens will be vice versa.

How to adjust the sprinkler’s coverage

You may also wonder how to adjust a Rainbird sprinkler head coverage angle. To change the area coverage, you might need to turn it on to know how far your sprinkler needs to be adjusted.

However, if you don’t want to risk getting wet, adjusting it while the system is turned off is just fine. Well, here is how to make it happen:

  1. On the top of the nozzle where the water sprays out, find a rotatable ring.
  1. Normally, it is rotatable by hand. Turn it left or right to adjust the coverage angle as you want. Typically, the coverage gets smaller once you turn the ring left and bigger if you turn the ring right. Your sprinkler may even go 360o as well.

How to Adjust a Rainbird 5000 Sprinkler Head

Rainbird 5000 has a type of sprinkler head rotor. To adjust the sprinkler’s coverage in Rainbird 5000, you can do this procedure below:

  1. Have yourself pliers and a small, flattened screwdriver.
  1. While the sprinkler is turned on, take a look at how far you should reduce the arc.
  1. Note that the left stop is unchangeable. To change the arc direction without adjusting the angle measurement, you can do it by rotating the rotor position with your pliers. While adjusting the angle measurement, you should do it with a screwdriver.
  1. Rotating the position:
  • Clean off grasses, shrubs, and dirt covering the base of the rotor.
  • Using your pliers, start rotating the rotor in the direction you need.
  1. Adjusting the arc (angle measurement):
  • Grab a small, flat screwdriver.
  • Locate the plus and minus mark on the top of the rotor. Then, on top of the minus rotor, twist the screw counterclockwise to reduce the arc. Do it clockwise if you want to do the vice versa.

How to Adjust a Rainbird 1800 Sprinkler Head

Since the above sprinkler head adjustment procedure above is based on a pop-up sprinkler head, adjusting a Rainbird 1800 sprinkler head is similar to the tricks mentioned above.

Adjusting a sprinkler head is not a difficult thing to do. More often than not, it needs minimum ‘resources’ to do, as it only requires a little of your time, pliers, screwdrivers to start with, and a decent knowledge about how to deal with it. Hence, knowing how to adjust a Rainbird sprinkler head is important.

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