Method in Sprinkler Head Protector

Use Sprinkler Head Protector will protect your sprinkler head from damaging elements. The sprinkler head is the sprinkler systems’ work resource, and these steps will prevent parts that have a big risk of damage.

How To Protect Sprinkler Heads

There are several ways that you can do to protect your sprinkler heads. The best method you choose can be varied depending on your lawn condition.

Buried properly sprinkler heads

You need to ensure that the sprinkler heads do not reach more than ½ inch above the ground level. If the head protrudes higher, it will likely get hit by mower blades, and it can damage even destroyed. When it gets on ground level or lower, it can clog easily with dirt, sand, and grass clipping. 

If the sprinkler heads you have stood too high, then carefully dig in around it until the pipeline is reached, and then dig it a little more so it will leave deeper in the ground.

Buried properly the sprinkler heads

Protect sprinkler heads in winter

Next, you need to follow any directions given by your manual brand sprinkler heads. Drain the system before the area getting freezes for the first time when winter comes. The water that can be trapped inside the sprinkler heads can expand and freeze. This can cause breaks and cracks, and you will need to replace the sprinkler heads.

Protect sprinkler heads in winter

Automatic drain valves

Install the automatic valves under the sprinkler heads and in certain parts from the pipeline and allow water draining into back out of the system when it is not run. This will prevent the system get full of water, and when it freezes, it can break the sprinkler heads.

It is best to install drain valves during the installation. If you do not have these automatic drain valves, you can choose to drain the system manually before the first freeze comes each year.

Automatic drain valves

Invest with donuts

The next idea for sprinkler head protection is by choosing sprinkler heads donut. This sprinkler head donut is a rounded object with a hole in the center, and it is placed over the pop-up sprinkler heads. Several sprinkler heads donut materials you can find, such as mulch or recycled rubber or concrete ones.

The donut’s function is to prevent the mower or trimmer run over the sprinkler heads as it will hit the side of the donut that sits above the sprinkler heads. The natural material of sprinkler heads might look better when installing it in the garden in the yard, but the concrete donut is a durable one.

The lighter material can float up sometimes and over the sprinkler heads when heavy rains or wind come. The heavier can stand in the place whatever the weather goes. This is a simple and affordable way to protect your sprinkler heads.

Install swing joint

The next option is to install the swing joint. The swing joint is fitted and lets the sprinkler heads move. When the head gets hit, bumped, or run over by a car or another item such as a mover, then the sprinkler heads can move and shit out away. This will prevent your sprinkler heads broken easily from the heavy item.

Install swing joint Sprinkler Head

How To Replace Sprinkler Heads

When your sprinkler heads get ages, then it more likely gets broken and damaged. You might need to replace it with newer parts. If you need to replace the sprinkler heads to make the sprinklers work properly and prevent the next damage to the sprinkler system, this can help you.

How To Replace Sprinkler Heads

Step 1. Dig carefully around the sprinkler heads that you want to replace. Dig about 6 inches deep all the way around sprinkler heads and pay attention more to the pipeline that connects the head with the rest of the system of sprinklers. Clean the dirty aside as you need it later to fullback again the hole you dig first after replacing the sprinkler head.

Step 2.  Once it reaches the riser depth (the pipe that connects with the water supply pipe), then unscrew the damaged old sprinkler heads and remove them. Plug the riser’s hole with a cloth so you will not dirt when falling to the hole.

If the riser is unscrewed from the water supply but is still attached with the sprinkler head, then unscrew the sprinkler carefully from the riser. It is important not to damage the threads that attach the riser into the sprinkler.

Step 3. Bring the removed old sprinkler head into the hardware store so you can find exactly the kind of sprinkler head that you need to buy to replace. If the same sprinkler is not available, then you can choose the same diameter opening at the bottom and with the same length. It is important not to buy too long sprinkler heads to stick up the grass line and break easily again.

Step 4. Buy the Teflon tape. Wrap a piece of tape around the riser threads before you attach them to the new sprinkler head.

Step 5. Attach the new sprinkler heads into the sprinkler riser and ensure it has attached tightly.

Step 6. Turn on the sprinkler to see if there is clear any dirt that has got into the sprinkler line.

Step 7. Position the nozzle so the water out from the sprinkle will water your lawn or plants exactly.

Step 8. Replace the dirt and any grass that sets into the place where you start to dig of the sprinkler head.

Step 9. Run the sprinkler to ensure that the newly installed sprinkler heads are working properly.

When you have new sprinkler heads installed, you can do these useful methods to protect your sprinkler heads. When you decide to use a donut, choose the concrete donut as durable and last years.

You might want to buy the cheaper one with a plastic donut, but then, your car or other car comes over, and it broke again, and you need to replace it with the new one again. It is great to know How To Protect Sprinkler Heads From Cars and make your yard and lawn always green and watered well.

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