Guide on How to Reset First Alert Smoke Alarm

New battery installed, you let it work. But something happened later: its sound is pretty annoying for it to ring when you are ‘busy’ unexpectedly—for example, you are doing mindfulness practice with an aromatherapy candle lit on.

If you have a First Alert smoke alarm installed with a new battery, you may wonder how to reset the First Alert smoke alarm. Find out below what you can do to reset the battery.  

How to Reset First Alert Smoke Alarm

It is always nice to have a smoke alarm on your house (or apartment). If a fire starts to burn part of your house, and the smoke reaches the alarm, the little alarm will warn you like there is no tomorrow.

how to reset first alert smoke alarm

While it can be an excellent notion for us, sometimes there are chances where your alarm can unexpectedly come with a sound even though you found no fire lit. For instance, you can get it while installing a new battery. Aside from that, you can have it sounding off without any reason.

If you wonder how to silent the smoke detector beeping with a new battery, we hope this procedure can help you.

  1. First, you need to remove the alarm from the wall/ceiling.
  2. Then, remove the cover and detach the battery you have just inserted.
  3. Locate the test button; then hold-press the test button on the alarm. Do this for around a quarter to half a minute. This act will help you in removing the remaining charge left in the alarm.
  4. Now, you can insert back the new battery. Lock the battery compartment.
  5. Make sure to clean the alarm unit with a clean cloth (preferable: microfiber cloth). Alternately, you can also use a can of compressed air to clean the fire alarm unit. Also clean the outer side of the unit.
  6. Now, try to test it. The chirps should be gone, and you will hear a non-chirping voice from the alarm.

However, what if the problem isn’t about the beeps? There are chances your alarm keeps sounding for no specific reason, too. And for this, you can do a battery reset to give it a fix.

So, how to reset the First Alert smoke alarm? It is not a complicated procedure, though. Still, you need to be careful during the First Alert smoke alarm reset.

  1. If you need to disconnect your alarm from any power sources. This means you need to detach any power wirings that supply power to your fire alarm. The same goes too when you are using a plug-in fire alarm—you will need to detach it from the outlet.
  2. Get the alarm and hold-press the test/silence button. You will find this button on the front part of your alarm detector. Press it for around 20 seconds.
  3. Following this step, you will need to replace the power sources. This said, you need to connect the wires or plug the unit back to the outlet. Your alarm should have been reset once you do this procedure.

Keep in mind this procedure of how to silence the First Alert smoke alarm will only work if your unit is equipped with alarms using the battery as its primary/secondary power source. For instance, a plug-in-powered alarm, a hardwired unit with a battery, or a battery-only fire alarm unit.

That would be great to have your unit tested occasionally. This will ensure that your smoke alarm still works well despite the warrant of 10-year from First Alert. By testing it occasionally, you will know whether it is time to get a fix or not.

So, ready to apply the procedure of how to reset First Alert smoke alarm? Take your time and let’s see how you do it.

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