Why is My Smoke Detector Blinking Red Every 15 Seconds?

A smoke detector could be the key to your and your family’s safety. Therefore, you might want to ensure that this electronic unit is in good condition. However, some people wonder why is my smoke detector blinking red every 15 seconds? Do you also happen to experience things like this?

If so, you need to check on its conditions immediately. You do not want to take a risk for your safety. Here are some discussions about the cause of the blinking red and how to solve it. Check it out cause this is quite important.

why is my smoke detector blinking red every 15 seconds

Why is My Smoke Detector Blinking Red Every 15 Seconds

Blinking smoke detectors that go unusual may cause another problem. Hence, it is important to find the solution right away. However, before that, you need to decide on the source problem of it. Below is some matters that can make your smoke detector go broken.

  • Regular Testing Needed

Some brands might give this blinking red as a sign to test the smoke detector. No need to panic; you only need to test the detector before any fire could damage the place.

  • Normal Sign of Blinking

The red blinking could also be a sign that the unit is working correctly. Some brands give this feature for its product. Make sure to read the smoke detector manual carefully to find the problem.

  • Need New Batteries

A blinking red could be a sign of a low battery level especially if a beep accompanies the blinking. You could try to change the batteries to find out if it is the cause of the blinking.

  • Dust in Its Unit

The blinking red could also be caused by the dust or other material in its chamber. Try to remove or clean it regularly to prevent blinking. Do not forget to check if there is some cleaning regulation in its manual.

  • The Smoke Detector is Old

A Smoke detector,, like many other electrical units,, will not last forever. If this blinking red is happening and your detector is quite old. Try to change it to the new one, so your safety is secure.

  • Lingering Smoke

After the detector is turned off, there might be some sign of smoke lingering in your place. That could be the cause of the blinking red. Wait for several minutes so it can come back to normal again.

  • There is Smoke

Blinking red with a loud beeping noise is a sign of smoke in your house. Search for the smoke source and keep safe if there is any danger.

How to Turn Off Red Light on Smoke Detector

To turn off the blinking red, you could try to reset the smoke detector. Here are some of the steps:

  1. Make sure that the source of the problem is the smoke detector unit and not the actual smoke at your place.
  2. Find the reset button on the device.
  3. Push and hold the test button for longer than five seconds.
  4. If you hear any beep sound, release the hold.
  5. This way, you can reset the smoke detector easily.
  6. If the reset setting is not working and the blinking red is still going on, call for an expert to repair the smoke detector. You can try to replace it with a new one or change its parts.


Why is my smoke detector blinking red every 15 seconds? To be able to answer the question, you need to read the article carefully. If you read it thoroughly, the chance is you could use some of the information to solve the problem with your smoke detector because your safety is the number one priority.

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