How to Solve A Thermostat Not Shutting Off at Temp

A thermostat at home is used to keep the temperature in optimal conditions. Unfortunately, the states cannot be set to the best if the unit is not working correctly. So how to solve the problem of the thermostat not shutting off at temp of your desire?

Some reasons make the unit not shut off properly. As a homeowner, you must know why and how to fix it. Therefore, you can have a pleasant time at your own house. Hence, this article will conclude some points on why the thermostat is not shutting off properly and other helpful information.

Thermostat Not Shutting Off at Temp

The thermostat not turning off is not just a trivial problem. That is because the thermostat is used to heat and cool the home environment, so your experience at home would not be so uncomfortable. Especially in certain weather conditions, a thermostat is a lifesaver.

thermostat not shutting off at temp

This thermostat will turn on and off the machine to maintain the temperature at the desired temperature. Since the thermostat’s work is often unnoticeable, if there are changes in the temperature, unlike when it used to be, you can conclude that there is some fault at this unit.

The problem could be in many areas. However, it is expected that the faulty thermostat is because of the wiring, connections, and settings.

How To Deal with Faulty Thermostat:

If you notice some abnormal fluctuating temperatures at your home, keep a calm posture and check the system—especially the heating and cooling systems. If, after reviewing all the plans, you find that the thermostat is the one at fault, follow this instruction right away.

  1. Connections Checking

The first thing to do is to check the connections of your thermostat. That is because your unit is not shutting off properly because the device cannot read the temperature well. Therefore, you should focus on the wiring and sensor of the device.

The wiring and sensor could become rusty or faulty for its age. The fault could also be because of the home’s exposure to dirt or pests. Also, cut the wiring loose and replace them again.

  1. Switch the Thermostat Batteries

The other thing you could do is switch or change the batteries. This could work if you use a thermostat that uses a battery as its power source. Change the old batteries with the new ones to work correctly again.

A weak battery could cause abnormal behavior in the unit. Therefore, inaccurate readings of the temperature could happen. If your thermostat is electric, the problem might be with its internal system.

  1. Call An Expert

If you have trouble understanding the system of the unit, it might be challenging to repair it. The best thing you could do is use advice from experts. Therefore, the team could work properly, and you are not wasting time solving it alone.

How Long Should AC Run After Reaching Temperature

If the AC or the air conditioner has reached a specific temperature set on the thermostat, it will run for a while before it can turn off. Usually, the time is relatively short. It is between 15 to 20 minutes at least. Between those times, the unit is still on while the compressor is already shutting down.

The air conditioner could run 24 hours a day without getting any damage. Furthermore, it is said that the air conditioner could run for a week without turning off.


The thermostat not shutting off at temp of your desire is a problem. The fault at your unit could make your time at home become uncomfortable. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the problem and how to solve it. So the thermostat could work normally and properly.

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