Honeywell Water Heater Gas Control Valve Recall: The Common Issue

With so many ongoing rumors concerning Honeywell water heater gas control valve recall, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the misconception of the water heater. The (defective valve) recall happened to Honeywell heating appliances (including stoves and gas fireplaces), but not the water heater.

The company, however, had to deal with a recalling issue in 2020 concerning a loose water valve. They have an issue of a water leak Honeywell water heater gas control valve recall, although the lawsuit was dismissed.

Honeywell water heater gas control valve recall

Honeywell 24V Water Heater Gas Control Valve Recall

There was a recall issue concerning water heater back then in 2019, but it’s a good thing that the product wasn’t Honeywell. However, if you want to ensure that your 24V Honeywell water heater gas control valve isn’t defective, you can perform a simple test. If the burner remains on, try to turn off the gas supply.

Replace the gas valve. If you see the pilot is being lit, then you have cold water in the tank. If it is accompanied by the burner being off and yet the thermostat is up, it can be either the gas valve (of the water heater) is bad or you have a clogged burner orifice.

Honeywell Water Heater Gas Control Valve Replacement

So, you aren’t dealing with Honeywell water heater gas control valve recall, but what to do when you want to replace the valve?

  • Shut off the gas and also water supply to the water heater
  • Disconnect manifold tube, pilot tube, Piezo igniter, thermal switches, and thermocouple. Be careful about removing them carefully.
  • Use the proper threaded pipe with the correct size. Place it in the inlet so you can unscrew the valve and remove it. Try not to use the pipe wrench if you are going to grip the valve. In fact, avoid it in any way possible. It’s important to NOT put any object within the outlet or inlet, so you don’t cause further damages.
  • When you install the gas valve (to the water heater), use Teflon tape. You can also use another approved pipe compound. Such a tape is handy to reconnect the gas tube.
  • Use a threaded pipe so you can screw the Honeywell gas control valve back in. make sure not too overtight it, though, because it may cause damages to the valve, which may lead to a gas leak
  • Reattach the manifold tube again and the thermocouple, thermal switches, pilot tube, and Piezo igniter.
  • Check the combustion chamber. Make sure that there isn’t anything left inside which may affect the combustion process. It shouldn’t contain debris or dirt that can create a malfunction in the unit. Also, check for loose connections, cracks, and others.
  • Refill the tank. Open the (hot water) tap. Let it run for some minutes so you can purge the remaining or outstanding air.
  • Perform a test of the gas valve to check for gas leaks. Use water mixture or foamy soap on the sponge, and then apply it to gas connections. If any bubble is present, then there is a leak. It would help if you fixed it.

Basically, those are ways to deal with the gas control valve in your Honeywell products. If you aren’t sure about Honeywell water heater gas control valve recall, check the official site and check whether your product is one of them.

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