Water Heater Carbon Monoxide – What is that?

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In this article, you will find the information about water heater carbon monoxide. A water heater is essentially part of some houses. If you do not like to take a cold water for shower in a windy or even in a cold weather, a water heater is a must.

But, did you know that a water heater may cause a severe injury for you and your family? The most severe injury is that you may suffocate due to the carbon monoxide contained in your body. Below are listed the possibilities of what danger a water heater may possess.

The leak of carbon monoxide

As you may know, carbon monoxide is different from carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon monoxide is the result of incomplete combustion due to the lack of oxygen in the combustion process. The bad news is that even small amounts of it may be deadly if the carbon monoxide runs in your bloodstream. This is because carbon monoxide binds your hemoglobin.

As a result, oxygen does not have the place to be bind by the hemoglobin. Hence, it may cause suffocation due to the lack of oxygen. The leak of carbon monoxide is one of the carbon monoxide poisoning causes. Although the early symptoms are dizziness or a headache, death may be the final result if the person cannot get the proper treatment.

Carbon Monoxide - What is that

The Fire

The fire needed to heat the water also possess a danger if the water heater does not put properly. If there are flammable objects that are found near your water heater, it will definitely cause a fire. Although the possibility of starting a fire because of the fire used by your water heater holds the small number, it is still best avoiding any risk and to prevent the fire by not placing any flammable object near the water heater.

Water Heater Carbon Monoxide

Water heater monoxide

How to prevent the risk

It is okay if you still want to use a water heater though you have recognized the danger a water heater may possess. All you have to do is doing a necessary prevention. For example, you can call a maintenance worker to help you maintain the condition of your water heater. A well-maintained water hater may reduce the risk of an accident. In addition, you may also use a carbon monoxide detector. It helps you to know if some amount of carbon monoxide is found in your house so that you can ask or call for a help.

carbon monoxide detector

Your family safety is important

Ask your family member if a water heater is necessary for your house by presenting the possibilities of risk it may possess. By knowing the risk, your family will not do anything reckless that may cause an accident. You can work together to keep the water heater well-maintained.

Despite the risk it may hold, a water heater is still needed for some houses. However, the important thing is that you have recognized the water heater carbon monoxide danger so that you can plan to prevent it.