Some Secrets Why Your Washing Machine Making Noise When Agitating

It strikes us with confusion and worries when our washing machine starts to yell out anguish-like sounds… which alarms us that something is wrong inside the machine. It is not uncommon for a washing machine to make noise when agitating. Many people wonder what they can do to stop it all at once without any help from a professional. Is it possible?

Washing Machine Making Loud Noise When Agitating

Things will go unpleasant for you when your washing machine starts making random disturbing noises. Some people even say their washing machine sounds like gravel, which is slightly exaggerating yet valid to some extent. What possibly happens are explained as follows:


Failed Drum Bearings

If you got a washing machine making noise when agitating, the most common and possible reason is the drum bearings are broken. There are two innovative ways to determine and to ‘diagnose’ this occurrence as something that comes from broken drum bearings:

  • Please turn off your washing machine and free it from any electrical current. Then, try to spin the drum with your hand. If you heard something like a rumbling noise, loud enough to destroy your anxiety-free day, this is it.
  • Or, you found that there is an incongruity between the inner drum and outer tub.

You may first see the latter method, but you may also try the former one. To see and ensure.

So, what to do if this is the case? You are left with one solution only: to replace the drum bearings. Replacing drum bearings will require you to know how to disassemble and reassemble it back and what to do when fixing it. In this case, you’re required to remove the outer panel first, followed by removing the drum. After that, you can try the DIY step-by-step to replace drum bearings.

Note that it will be good if you’re mechanically shrewd and have hours to spare with the machine components. Otherwise, it’s best to place a call to a service professional.

Failed Drive Pulley

A broken drive pulley becomes another potential thing that causes your washing machine to sound disturbingly weird. You need to inspect it directly to ensure that this is the case.

Note that this occurrence usually occurs after the drum is being overloaded. If there is this time you got your machine over the capacity, dig deeper by taking a chance to check whether the motor coupling should be replaced. Not to forget the circuit breaker – the part that takes the toll at most when your machine gets overloaded.

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