Thermo King Code 26: Recognize the Code and Fix It

Do you know what to do if you find Thermo King code 26 shows in your truck? If you read that code in your Thermo King, there is something wrong with it.

If you find an error code, you need to check the issue and fix it as soon as it can. For those who are clueless about the code, then you need to know more thermo king codes.

Thermo King Code 26 Error Codes

What is a Thermo King?

Thermo King is the world’s forerunner in transport temperature control. Thermo King will keep your trucks and trailers running at maximum capacity so that they can develop their business. Thermo King takes the world in developing and innovating transport temperature control systems for various vehicle applications.

Thermo King temperature control

Recognizing Thermo King Codes

An error code is shown on your Thermo King truck when you read. It might be a problem that has to be handled straightway. First, you have to know three types of thermo king codes. They are divided according to the concern and the sorts of actions that you are required to take:

  1. Log alarm – this type of problem you should report to maintenance because it will worsen if you don’t fix it immediately.
  2.  Check alarm – this issue is not smaller than the previous one, as it can be a bigger concern if you don’t look into it immediately.
  3.  Shutdown alarm – If you find the codes indicating this issue, take speedy action! This is a severe issue that, if you keep using the appliances, it can harm the unit or the load.

Thermo King Code 26 Error Codes

If you look through the list of thermo king error codes, you will be able to recognize and address the issue of your thermo king. Recognizing what an alarm means will assist in answering the issue more successfully. Two common error codes that are mostly displayed on your Thermo King are codes 17 and 26.

Thermo King code 17 is probably one of the most common error codes. What does it mean? If this code displays, it means that your vehicle’s engine failed to crank. What you should do to deal with it is fix it right away or report this alarm straightaway.

The error code Thermo King Code 26 denotes a problem with the “Hourmeter 4 Exceeds Set Time Limit.” This code can set off several alarm conditions and is usually connected to the functioning of different parts of the refrigeration unit.

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To troubleshoot and resolve Thermo King Code 26, consider the following key elements:

1. Heat Circuit:

  • Ensure the heat circuit is functioning correctly. Faulty components or sensors in the heat circuit can trigger this error.

2. Discharge Air Sensor:

  • Check the discharge air sensor for proper functioning. A malfunctioning sensor can lead to inaccurate temperature control and trigger Code 26.

3. Auto Switch from Diesel to Electric:

  • Examine the automatic mode transition of the system from diesel to electric. Errors may arise from issues with this switching mechanism.

4. High-Pressure Cut and High Discharge Pressure:

  • Pay attention to high-pressure situations. Code 26 and alarms may sound when the refrigeration system is under high pressure. Verify the proper operation of high-pressure cut-off systems.

5. Vapor Motor and Engine Issues:

  • Investigate any problems with the vapor motor and engine. If they fail to start or experience issues, it can lead to error codes.

6. Suction Line Solenoid and Liquid Line Solenoid:

  • Check the solenoids in the suction and liquid lines. Issues with these components can affect temperature control and trigger alarms.

7. Receiver Tank Pressure Solenoid:

  • Ensure that the receiver tank pressure solenoid is functioning properly. Malfunctions can disrupt the refrigeration cycle and lead to errors.

8. Evaporator Coil Temperature Sensors:

  • Examine the coil’s inlet and outlet temperature sensors and other sensors on the evaporator coil. Alarms and temperature readings that are not accurate can result from issues with these sensors.

9. Remote Fan Speed:

  • Monitor the remote fan speed control. Inconsistent or incorrect fan speeds can result in alarms.

10. Multiple Alarms:

  • Keep in mind that there might be other alarm codes in addition to Code 26. Methodically handle several alarms to find and fix the problem’s core cause.

11. Evaporator Coil Outlet Temperature Sensor:

  • Pay attention to the temperature sensor controlling the evaporator coil outlet. Accurate temperature control relies on these sensors functioning correctly.

Examining the heat circuit, sensors, solenoids, and pressure control systems are all necessary steps in proper troubleshooting. By quickly resolving problems, you can minimize downtime and product spoiling while ensuring the dependable operation of your Thermo King unit.

Repair the error ASAP or report the issues right away, whether Thermo King code 17 or Thermo King code 26.

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