Bobcat Hydraulic Fluid for Protective Coating and Improved Productivity

When it comes to safeguarding against rust and corrosion for a vast array of Bobcat machinery, Bobcat hydraulic fluid emerges as a top choice. Recognized globally, particularly in the United States, Bobcat stands out for its custom-blended range of lubricants and oils.

These are crafted using only the finest base oils and additives, ensuring excellent stability under various conditions, including periods of high temperature.

All the products have met the high-performance requirements, reliability specifications, and long life for Bobcat equipment. They work in all conditions, including in high-temperature use and sub-zero temperature.

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Knowing the basics of hydraulic fluid is important to maintain the life of the equipment and keep it running more efficiently and longer.

Bobcat Hydraulic Fluid

Of course, the Bobcat fluid is designed to fulfill that need. The right hydraulic fluid, like the Bobcat, will ensure that many kinds of equipment used on the job location work well at peak performance. Therefore, the job can be done well and completed on time.

In the realm of hydraulic oils, innovation and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. Bobcat’s commitment to excellence is evident in its hydraulic fluid products, which are designed to perform exceptionally well even under periods of high temperature. This maintains excellent stability in the hydraulic system, ensuring that machinery operates efficiently and reliably, regardless of the operating conditions.

More Details on Hydraulic Fluid

In case you are not yet familiar with hydraulic fluid, the information below may help you. The hydraulic fluid is a special oil or lubricant. Transferring power across distance is its main purpose. Meanwhile, it has another purpose: cleaning the internal components and protecting the equipment from corrosion, rust, and wear.

Most hydraulic fluids are derived from specially reformulated synthetics, using hydrocarbon base oils as their foundation. Additionally, there’s a push towards environmental sustainability with options for biodegradable fluids. These eco-friendly choices are primarily vegetable-based, offering an alternative that lessens environmental impact without compromising on performance.

Some other options are even better, the water-based fluids with fire-resistant capability. Keeping the fluids clean is very important due to the small tolerance that the equipment usually has.

According to the fact, dirt is the real enemy of the equipment because it wears out the equipment and cannot work well. Therefore, the fluid is necessary to keep the system clean as always.

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For Bobcat equipment, this hydraulic fluid is the best option because it is important to use only one particular fluid instead of replacing it every once in a while. Of course, the fluid from Bobcat also has the fine quality required to keep the equipment working as well as possible.

Products of Bobcat Hydraulic Fluid

Bobcat offers two specific kinds of hydraulic fluids that are sold worldwide. Each fluid has its characteristics and is made from particular materials of high quality. Let’s get to know the two of them.

Hydraulic or Hydrostatic Fluid

This product is known as hydraulic or hydrostatic fluid, a highly specialized fluid. It is custom blended using the finest additives and base oils to meet the high-performance requirements of all kinds of Bobcat equipment.

Of course, by using the oil, the users can expect the equipment’s reliability and long life, including in extreme conditions.

In subzero temperatures, it can provide optimum flow while maintaining the equipment’s excellent stability during the high-temperature use of the period. The fluid itself is available in 4 different sizes, from 1-gallon jugs to 55-gallon drums.

Synthetic Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Fluid

This is another product of Bobcat Hydraulic Hydrostatic Fluid with its specific use and blends. It is known as the breakthrough in the technological world of liquid which is proven to be very good in improving the hydraulic system performance of the Bobcat equipment.

Bobcat Synthetic Hydraulic

At the same time, it also improves productivity. Using this specific synthetic oil, users can expect smoother equipment operations, increased work output, and improved cycle times. Even if it is a synthetic fluid, it works really well and is recommended for a wide range of Bobcat equipment.

Temperature Guidelines and Viscosity in Hydraulic Fluid

The fluid is actually able to be used in other equipment other than Bobcat. Why? That’s because the fluid is already designed to meet a variety of needs of different equipment.

However, once the user switches to Bobcat fluid, make sure to never switch to another fluid again in the future because other oil brands may not have the precise additives that are needed to achieve optimum performance.

When it comes to choosing the right hydraulic fluid, the temperature range and viscosity are two important factors that should be considered in the first place. Usually, poor equipment performances result from overheated oil that soon forms the varnish and causes other components like valves to stick. This is a condition that no one wants to deal with.

What about using biodegradable oil? Well, according to the experts, biodegradable oil has its own cool and great features. However, it is necessary to check whether the oil fits the equipment requirements before switching to biodegradable oil. The oil replacement should be done once every 2.000 hours with all the filters and oil disposed of properly.

Why does Bobcat recommend All-Season Fluid?

You may have heard of the all-season hydraulic fluid from Bobcat. Well, this one of the main Bobcat products represents the most popular fluid. It is specially designed to maintain stability during high-temperature use periods. And its main purpose is to offer optimum flow, including at subzero temperatures.

According to the Bobcat company officials, no other company can duplicate this oil because it is made from specific high-quality materials. This oil may not be synthetic or biodegradable, but its uses are definitely beyond expectation.

Storing the Fluid

With many different convenient sizes of Bobcat fluid available in the market, buying the big-sized package is more economical since it is cheaper. However, it is important to know the proper way to store the fluid. In this case, the users should ensure the package stays intact with a secured lid or closure. Once the lid of not secured, the oil may leak.

Another thing to remember is the temperature in the storage area. It should be relatively consistent. Avoid storing it in direct sunlight or getting it rained on. So, the environment should be controlled. The package may breathe due to big temperature swings.

Ensure it isn’t exposed in an area with humidity because the ambient air usually contains many contaminants. With proper storage, the Bobcat hydraulic fluid will be kept in good condition.

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