How to Repair Washing Machine Leaking from the Bottom

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Having a problem of washing machine leaking from the bottom? If you have a washing machine leaking from the bottom, there are some steps you need to do to find out what’s the problem to the machine and fix it so that it won’t get worse. These are steps you can do by yourself that you don’t have to call a professional to do the repair.

Recognize the Source of the Leaking

When you find your whirlpool washing machine leaking from bottom you must recognize what causes the problem. You have to know the source of the problem. Here are the steps you must do to find out what’s the problem and repair it.

The first thing to do when a washing machine leaking from the bottom is you must check the water pump as it is common to find the pump as the cause of the leaking. To fix it, you must stop the machine, unplug it. Next, empty the water in the tub. Take out the main housing panel and look carefully at the pump. Examine the housing of the pump also the hoses which exit and enter the pump.

Water pump Washing Machine Leaking

Change the whole pump if any of those components aren’t working. If the water pump is fine, better check the main tub seal. Unplug the machine and take away the main access panel. Change the seal if it is broken. If it’s falling off, rejoin it. If there’s nothing wrong with the tub seal, examine the door seal. If it’s dirty, clean it and if it’s faulty change it.

The next part you need to see is the tub. The leak occurs due to the bad condition of the bearing of the tub. If the bearing is broken or worn, you have to replace it. However, it is difficult and quite expensive to fix if the outer tub is defective, so you’d better buy a new washing machine.

If your washing machine leaking from the bottom, it can be caused by other parts other than pump, seals or the tub. The leak occurs because of the malfunction of other parts of the washing machine. Try to look at the connections of the fill and drain hoses. See if they are tight or loose. Make sure that the fill hose washers are connected and installed correctly.

Washing Machine Leaking from the Bottom

Besides that, verify if you are using the right type of detergent for your washer. The amount of the detergent has to be precise too. If not, your washing machine can overflow due to over sudsy. If the detergent dispenser is clogged, clean it. Other than that, you’d better clean your drain or sink and home plumbing if they are dirty.

Don’t need to worry or even panic if you find a leak in the bottom of your washing machine. This problem is quite treatable if you know how to recognize the problems and repair the washer. Examine carefully the parts I have mentioned above when your washing machine leaking from the bottom.

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