Answering “Why is Water Leaking from the Bottom of My Water Heater”

Many people have been asking about “Why is water leaking from the bottom of my water heater?” like all the time. When you have an electric water heater, the leaking problem happens mostly in the bottom part.

Below is the information about the cause of the leaking and the risks that could come along with the leaking.

why is water leaking from the bottom of my water heater

Water Heater Leaking from Bottom Element

The first thing you have to understand is basically the reason behind the leaking. How to tell if the water heater is leaking anyway? In most cases, you will notice a pool of water on the bottom of the water heater.

If the pool of water is excessive, though, it means that the leaking is serious. The causes behind the leaking are including:

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  1. Drain Valve Leak

There are basically two main causes for the bottom leaking in most water heaters. The first one is an unsealed drain valve. The drain valve has the function of draining the water out of the tank.

When they are not sealed or closed properly, surely water will flow over them and cause the water heater to leak. To fix the problem, you need to check the drain valve and see whether it has been properly closed or not.

  1. Sediment Buildup

The next reason is sediment buildup in the tank. When the tank is compromised with sediment buildup, water cannot flow easily from the tank through the pipes. It causes the water to flow to the bottom of the tank instead.

Is a Leaking Water Heater Dangerous?

Understandably, people are questioning, “Why is water leaking from the bottom of my water heater?” They know exactly that leaking water heater cannot get ignored.

Is a Leaking Water Heater Dangerous

They have to be repaired as soon as possible because some serious dangers are coming along with the leaking. Some of those dangers will be explained below.

  1. Floor Damage

The most obvious risk is floor damage, for sure. The pool of water underneath the water heater can damage the floor gradually. It happens even worse when the floor is made out of wooden materials. The leaking can cause mold to grow and eventually rot the floor.

  1. Rusty Pipes

The leaking water heater is capable of rusting the pipe from time to time. When the pipes are rusting, water running through them will get compromised by dangerous chemicals and bacteria. You do not want this to happen to the whole water supply in the house.

  1. Potential Explosion

The leaking can lead to pressure buildup. It won’t be a good thing at all as they can eventually end up an explosion. This is the reason why leaking water heater should NEVER get ignored. They have to get fixed immediately.

For most people, plumbing does not fall into the category of DIY. This is why if your water heating is leaking and you have no idea what to do to get them right, make sure you call a professional plumber immediately. A heating system can be very tricky to handle.

It is always better to leave it to experts’ hands and quit wondering about ‘why is water leaking from the bottom of my water heater’.

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