Fix Samsung Washer SE Code in Simple Ways

If the Samsung washer shows an SE error code in the midst draining cycle, it indicates the machine is not properly draining the water. Some components may be blocked, clogged, or damaged.

Therefore, it makes the water unable to drain out of the machine. Here are what to do if you get the Samsung washer SE code 500.

Samsung Washer SE Code

The appearance of the SE code on the Samsung front load washer is not unusual. The error code will appear when the soapy water in the machine should drain out. This issue may occur if:

  1. The drain pipe is blocked by something that the water is unable to go through it.
  2. The pump drain is damaged, and the water is not completely drained.
  3. There’s debris in the drain hose.
Samsung Washer SE Code

Samsung washing machine fault codes are varied. Some machine types show a 5E code rather than the SE code. Even so, both of these codes indicate the same problem.

The amount of detergent, clothes, the type of water, and other things are why the washing machine isn’t draining the water properly. It leads to a pop-up of Samsung washer SE code 500.

Samsung Washer SE Code Fix

Here are two simple ways to fix the SE code on the Samsung washer.

  1. Suppose the washing machine stops working in the middle of the washing cycle and shows the Samsung washer SE code 500. The first step that needs to be done is examining the debris filter. This pipe is located in the lower part of the machine. Clean the debris filter and see if the SE code keeps appearing in the machine before searching for another cause.
  2. The next step is to check out the drain pump to see if there’s debris stuck in there. Take out all the clothes, and then pull out the drain pump. Let out the remaining water from the pump, remove the filter cap, and clean out all the debris.

Suppose both ways aren’t working, do a quick wash cycle to drain out all the remaining water. But if it still doesn’t work, consider calling a professional technician to fix the draining problem. If it’s required, do replace the broken hoses or pipes in the washing machine as well.

However, the most effective solution to fix the SE error code in the Samsung washer is to prevent its problem. Unfortunately, there’s no way this issue can be avoided. Although you regularly clean up the drain pipes and ensure there are no blockages there, the error code is likely to appear.  

Still, there are some ways to minimize the chance that the SE code will pop up, for instance, not putting too many clothes in the drum. Besides, you need to regularly clean the pipes from hair or other types of debris.

At last, Samsung washer SE code 500 is a common issue and something unavoidable. Yet, before calling a professional, it would be better to check the problem by yourself using a few simple steps above.

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