GE Washing Machine Won’t Drain: Some Possible Reasons

It is pretty common why the GE washing machine won’t drain, whether you have the top load type of the front load. When you have an electronic device, having technical problems seems like a normal thing.  

After all, electrical issues are mostly due to all electronic devices. What’s important is that you know what causes the issue and how to solve it.

GE washing machine

The Top Load Issue

When your top load GE washing machine doesn’t drain, there are some possible reasons. You should check the following situations:

  • The sound of water slosh. If you see no water within the basket and yet you hear a sloshing water sound, it is probably because of the balance ring, a container with enclosed plastic-filled partially with brine (saltwater) solution attached to the inner clothes basket. The balance ring allows the basket to operate and spin smoothly during an imbalance situation.
  • If your washing machine doesn’t drain, wait for several minutes because most models generally have a pause cycle that can go to 3 minutes. If you are using a dial, don’t fast-forward it manually because you can miss out on the pumping out cycle.
  • The lid is up. Most washers require the lid to be down because they spin and also drain within the same time. That’s why you need to let it down.
  • Problems with the plumbing or drain hose. You can check whether the hose isn’t clogged or kinked. Try removing the drain hose and pour into the drain or standpipe. If draining doesn’t happen, you may want to contact the plumber.
GE washing machine front load

The Front Load Issue

Here are some causes and also solutions for the front load GE washing machine won’t drain issue.

  • Drain pump. It is pretty normal when a small piece of clothing gets stuck within the drain pump. If you suspect something is blocking the way, remove it and check. If you don’t see any blockage, and yet it is somewhat noisy during the draining cycle, you may want to replace the pump.
  • Obstructed hose or pump. Like the previous case, a small part of the clothing can go to the drain system, obstructing the pump or the pump hose. You need to remove them and check for any obstruction.
  • Opened lid. Because of the special lid switch construction, you can open the lid and expect the washer to stay spinning. If the switch fails, it is natural that the GE front load washer not draining. If you want to test the switch, you need to use a multimeter for each switch. If it doesn’t have any continuity, then you need to replace it.
  • Door lock switch and motor assembly. The door lock will make sure that the washer door stays shut during operation. If the door isn’t shut, the switch won’t activate the machine to operate. If the door lock has a defect, the washer will be affected – the reason can be electrically or mechanically.  This can be too mechanical, so hire a pro if you are clueless.
washing machine drain pump

Those are some possibilities for the issue. If you aren’t sure, consult a pro about your GE washing machine won’t drain.

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