How to Reset GE Washer that Fails to Run

How do you reset the GE washer when it fails to run? This is one of the most common complaints that many general electric washer users have when the washers they use fail to run.

how to reset ge washer

When you hear silence from your general electric washer, it means that there is something wrong with your washer that you need to check immediately. Sometimes, this kind of problem is caused by someone unintentionally pressing the stop or pause button or by a power failure.

It’s also essential to check the control panel for any signs of malfunction or error codes that could indicate a problem.

But most of the time, there are some parts of your washing machine that need to be repaired or replaced. Some parts of the general electric washer that usually act up and cause the washer not to be able to spin, agitate or run are:

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How to Reset GE Washer
  • The Agitator

The agitator in the washing machine is the part that moves the clothes from side to side, back and forth through the water and detergent that is moved by the transmission output shaft. If the washing machine’s agitator fails to move back and forth during the wash cycle, the agitator may need to be replaced.

  • Drive motor coupling

The drive motor coupling, which connects to the transmission, has two plastic drive forks separated by a rubber coupling. When the rubber has worn out, the drive forks can slip and fail to connect the transmission and clutch properly.

The most common symptom of this failed drive motor coupling is that the GE washer is not spinning or agitating, while the washer can fill and drain normally.

How to Reset the GE Washer

The guide below is the common guide to resetting the general electric washer that stops running at some point.

Step 1. Do not pull the knob while you turn the dial, just like when you will wash.

Step 2. You need to unplug the washer from the power outlet.

Reset the GE Washer unplug power outlet

Step 3. Turn the timer control knob. You have to turn it all the way around and stop at any button except the ‘final spin’ position.

Step 4. You have to wait for at least 30 seconds after unplugging it. Then, plug the washer back into the wall outlet to start the washer back up.

Step 5. Lift the lid at least 5 to 6 times 2 inches high and open and close it within 15 seconds.

Step 6. After completing the process, pause for a while. Listen for a ‘click’ sound. If you do not hear the sound, you need to repeat steps 1 to 5 until you hear the sound.

Step 7. Insert a cloth (towel or a rag) into the washer. Pull the knob to start the washer.

Step 8. You can now test the wash cycle on a small load setting. Wait till the machine fills and starts the agitation cycle. Make sure that your general electric washer is spinning and agitating during the wash cycle. If it still fails after you have done this reset guide, call your repair technician, who has a GE license to guide you in resetting the GE washer.

Before starting the reset process, it’s also wise to check your home’s circuit breaker or fuse to ensure that the issue isn’t related to the power supply. A tripped breaker or blown fuse can also be the reason your washer fails to run, and resetting it might solve the problem without needing further steps.

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