How Many Amps does a Dishwasher Use?

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How many amps does a dishwasher use? When some people wonder about it, you might have thought this once in a while. After paying the electricity bill that makes you penniless, you might want to know about the amps that a dishwasher uses which may affect the total bill on the monthly payment.

If it is too high, then the idea of using it once and skipping a day in it can be a good idea to save the electricity. However, it isn’t a bad thing to know about the dishwasher amps and voltage to figure out where the money goes when paying the electricity bill.


The Amps and Voltage of a Dishwasher

How many amps does a dishwasher use? Well, the domestic appliances at home might have different amps and also voltages that you can’t compare one another. As different brand has different amps and voltage, here we are going to display the highest amps and also voltage to give you the estimated measurement.

For your information, the electrical power will be measured in the term of Watts which is shortened to be W. Watt is the unit of power. Thus every domestic appliance must have been ended in W. Meanwhile the electrical current would be measured in the term of amps.

How Many Amps does A Dishwasher Use

Here are the amps and the watts used in all domestic portable appliances at home. Laptop, radio, printer, TV box satellite, telephone charger and also mobile phone charger has the same amount of the amps used which is less than a half. In fact, TV box satellite and also radio have 40 watts used while printer has 10 watts more than radio. Laptop’s watts ranged from 65 to 100. Radiator, toaster, and also vacuum cleaner have the same amount of watts which is in 2000 Watts while the Amps is around 9.

When you want to use microwave, you will spend 1000 watts in 4 and a half amps. Drying the hair by using a hair dryer will spend 2200 watts and take 10 amps for it. It goes the same for both dishwasher and also the washing machine. It requires 10 amps and spends 2200 watts when you are using it. However, this 2200 watts isn’t the highest number of the watts spent at home.

There are still 3 things which are higher than these 2200 watts. They are the tumble dryer which takes 2500 watts and 11 amps, iron in 2800 watts and 12,5 amps, and also the oil filled radiator in 3000 watts and 13 amps.

Checking the Safety of the Household Appliances

It is also a good idea to know whether all of your household appliances are quite safe to be used or not. As sometimes people put aside the importance of checking all the household they have, they keep on plugging the cable whether they are using it or not.

It is quite practical to be like that since you don’t have to be so complicated in plugging it before using. In fact, you need to check the wires and also the plugs regularly for the safety. What about you? How many amps does a dishwasher use at your house?

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