How Long Do Washing Machines Last

Have you ever asked yourself, how long do washing machines last? When you already have a washing machine, you probably wonder when you should save money for a new replacement.

If you are considering buying a new device yet are still thinking about your budget, knowledge about this can help.

About the Washing Machine in General

This is probably your fourth year after you have bought the washing machine, and you are wondering how long washing machines last because you are worried that you may have to buy one soon enough.

Before you march to the store, consider the operational costs, such as detergent, water, and electricity. Some brands require a lot of detergent and water, while others only require a little. Some may have higher wattage, while some are quite low.

Washing Machine Energy Star

However, if you want to save the operational cost, choose the one with the Energy Star tag. Energy Star is basically a program between the Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency that endorses and focuses on appliances with energy-efficient usage.

When you see a product with the label, you can use it to save energy and water – the percentage ranges from 10% to 50%.

Some older machines come with the top-loading system, but the front-loading washing machine is more popular these days. It’s because the front load washers use less detergent and water, saving you less operational and purchase costs.

However, this machine will also cost you more – be prepared to spend twice to three times more than the traditional top load washers.

The Washing Machines Life Expectancy

The standard average expectancy, or washing machine lifespan, is around 11 years. It is recommended that you should replace the washing machine if you have already it for more than 8 years, except that you choose the high-end types that are more sophisticated to you.

If you choose the machines manufactured before 2005, you should replace them because the machines before those times waste quite a lot of water, electricity, and detergent.

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Regular maintenance, such as checking the hoses and door seal, can extend your washing machine’s life. Wear and tear are inevitable, but with careful usage and regular checks, you can ensure your machine remains cost-effective for as long as possible.

What about the dryer? Have you also wondered how long a dryer lasts? It is just the same as the washing machine. There are many considerations and different operational outcomes for a washing machine.

For instance, some names are known for their reliable products, lasting up to 20 years with proper care and maintenance. Some, unfortunately, are known for their lousy quality, although they are sold at a relatively lower price.

How Long Do Washing Machines Last

Final Words

In the end, you need to carefully consider which type of machine or which name to choose. Use your logic too. Let’s say that you buy a machine with 5 years of warranty. But in the 3 years of you having it, you have dealt with it more than 5 times repair.

It’s a definite sign that you should save money and buy another one immediately.

Regular maintenance tasks, such as checking the hoses and inspecting the door seal for leaks, can greatly extend the washing machine’s lifespan. Not only does this help in preventing unexpected breakdowns, but it also ensures that your machine operates most cost-effectively.

Always pay attention to signs of wear and tear, as addressing these early can prevent more serious issues.

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