Solve the Navien Tankless Water Heater Error Code

A tankless water heater system can give you an overwhelming feeling and a stuck situation when it is going error. It is a complicated system, so you need to know the issues you rely on before fixing them.

Here is navien tankless water heater error code will help you much when you meet with the errors.

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Navien Tankless Water Heater Error Code
  1. The first code is E001. This error means the water is boiling in the heat exchanger. For quick troubleshooting, then you can do several steps. First, clean the water inlet strain. Second, check the automatic flow, third check the heat exchange, and clean with a solution. For a full flash solution, you need to power supply.
  2. E002. This error means low water pressure. For troubleshooting, wait until the water supplement gets terminated. In the flash solution, you can choose to reset the automatic.
  3. E003. Ignition Failure. For troubleshooting solutions, you need to check whether the main gas supply is power on. Second, check to power whether it is on. The last, check for igniter spark. For flash solution, you need to
  4. E004. This error means false flame detection. For troubleshooting, ensure that the ground wire is connected and check the igniter whether there is a spark present.
  5. E007. The error means the hot water outlet or the thermistor open. To solve, check the thermistor and if it is required, replace the thermistor.
  6. E008. The error linked with the hot water outlet and the thermistor short. The solution that you need to do is
  7. E009. This error code indicates abnormal fan motor activity. To solve this error, try checking and cleaning the air filter and fan motor.
  8. The error code E010 means there is abnormal air pressure. To solve this error, check the vent pipe for obstruction and cleaning the air filter.
  9. E011. This error is linked to high water pressure. To solve this error, you need to check the sensor of water pressure. If this does not work, then choose automatic reset.
  10. E015. This error is linked to abnormal functions from the control board. For troubleshooting, check the power supply and also check the GFI.
  11. E016. This means there is overheating in the heat exchanger. You need to turn off the water heater for at least 30 minutes and then restart your water heater for this error. Next, you need to clean the strainer water inlet and check the automatic flow adjustment valve, check the heat exchanger, and then clean using a cleaning solution.
  12. E021. This error is linked to the cold water inlet, thermistor 1-open. To solve this error, then check the thermistor and, if required, replace the thermistor.
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