How to Fix Samsung Washer DC Code?

Samsung washer DC code is one of the most common error codes to get displayed on the washing machine. What does this error code means, and how to fix it?

There will be a full explanation below about it, and you should find the answer to the problems.

Samsung Washer DC Code

When you use a Samsung washing machine, you do know that the appliances are quite advanced. However, error codes do appear from time to time. When the error code to display is the DC code, you should read the information down below about the Samsung washer DC code to solve it.

Samsung Washer DC Code

What Does It Mean?

DC code means that the washing machine is unable to spin. There is this drum part inside the machine where you place the laundry. That drum is not capable of spinning, and hence the error code gets displayed on the washer.

Is It a Serious Code?

DC code on the Samsung washer is not a serious code. It won’t break your washing machine apart, and it is easily solved. However, you should not take the code for granted and solve the issue immediately.

The Cause of the Problem

The main cause of the problem or the cause of the not-spinning drum is the load inside the drum is imbalanced. It can be too little or too much. This is why you need to know exactly how to fix the issue.

Samsung Washer DC Code Fix

You have read the meaning behind the code as well as the cause of the problem. Now, it is time to figure out how to fix the Samsung washer DC code. It is quite easy, actually, and everyone can do that at home. Here they are.

  1. Turn off the Washer

The first thing that you have to do is turn off the washer. It would help if you ensured that the washer was unplugged and removed from its electrical connection. Do not remove anything inside the washer if it is still connected to its electrical socket.

  1. Take out Bulky Laundry

Now examine the laundry load in the drum. There must be some bulky load inside. Take them out and sort them so that they won’t bulk anymore.

  1. Make Sure the Drum is Filled Equally

Now re-fill the drum, and this time makes sure the drum is equally filled. The surface is leveled, and there is no bulk in there.

  1. Start Again

Plug the washer back to the electrical socket and turn the washer back on. The DC code should be gone by now, and the drum can spin again.

Samsung Front Load Washer DC Error Code

Even though the error code is not dangerous and won’t damage the washer, keeping the washer from the error code is still essential. Here is how to prevent the Samsung washer DC code from re-appear on display again, primarily when you use the front load washer.

Do NOT Overload the Drum

Even when the drum’s load capacity is around 3kg, you should not overload the drum. Make sure that the drum is only 2/3 filled so that it has enough space to spin.

Load Large and Small Items Together

You do not want to load all the big items together. They will get tangled together and cause a mess. Mix them with small items to avoid them from getting entangled together.

Now, you have seen the troubleshooting for the error code. From now on, if the washing machine displays the DC code, you know exactly what to do. Follow the tips and suggestions up there. You won’t get bothered by the Samsung washer DC code, and the washer will be more durable.

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