The Meaning of Samsung VRT Washer Error Codes and How to Solve It

Why Does Samsung VRT Washer Shows Error Codes?

A VRT is a technology used in inventive machine. It was first being developed with a big company like Samsung. The primary purpose of using this technology is to make the gadget runs the order quietly. Furthermore, Samsung developed a VRT Washer that could run charges with less vibrate. However, there are some conditions where Samsung VRT Washer displays error codes.

When Does Samsung VRT Washer Display Error Codes?

This washing machine displays an error code mainly before or even during the laundry. As the owner, you might confuse about the error code that appears. Here is the explanation of some codes that might arise while using the Samsung VRT washer machine and how to solve them.

Samsung VRT Washer Error Codes DC

The first code that might appear while using Samsung VRT is DC. It indicates an error in the door’s machine. The problem seems to be due to the unclosed or locked door. Furthermore, make sure that nothing is caught in the door. Check again whether the latch has been secured correctly.

samsung vrt washer error codes

If you have checked everything and nothing is caught in the door, close it again and order. If the problem is correct, then you can continue your laundry.  

Samsung VRT Washer Error Codes NF

Samsung VRT washer machine might display this second error code, it is NF. This code indicates a device that is not filling appropriately. Two problems might cause this code to appear, they are a fault in the water inlet valve or an off water tap.

To fix this problem, make sure the hot and cold water supply water is connected and not crimped or bent. Furthermore, try to make sure that both supply valves are open already. In addition, verify the drain hose is installed in less than 6 inches to the drain pipe. Then unplug the machine and eliminate the top cover of the washer.

Then test the machine. If the problem has not been solved, unplug again and flip the circuit breaker. Then try to turn on the device and run the order.    

Samsung VRT Washer Error Codes LE

The last code that appears on Samsung VRT is LE. This indicates low water in the machine, or even worse, there is a signal for a leak. If the machine indicates a low water level, try to check all the supply and drain hoses.

This is to make sure that the supply and drain are not crimped. However, do not eliminate any screw that holds the drain hose in place so that the machine can run faster. If you cannot find any holder, you cannot fix this problem by yourself.

The second problem due to LE codes is an error in the water level. You can fix this problem by running the machine in the empty cycle without detergent.

If suds appear, the problem is because of too much detergent or a non-HE detergent you have used in a significant amount in a previous laundry. If this is the problem, rerun the machine in the empty cycle until the suds are gone.  

To Conclude

The Samsung VRT washer problems that display error codes can be solved privately. You need to learn the meaning of the codes then follow the steps above. Make sure that you are following the steps correctly. If the problem stands still, then call a plumber to fix it for you.

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