How Much Concrete Septic Tank Cost

Concrete septic tank cost must be considered carefully before people make any installation in their house. We can make sure that installing the septic system is important but people have to do the counting for anything.

This way, they will be able to plan the system installed properly in the household. In fact, there are some factors which can affect the cost of building the septic system.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Septic Tank System Building


Of course, the very first thing which will affect the cost of installing the septic system must be the tank. There most tanks are made of concrete. However, there are some other options of the tank which can be chosen as well such as the fiberglass, steel, and polyethylene.

When people want to build a precast concrete tank which can hold about 1,000 gallons can be a great choice for the system installation in the house with three bedrooms. The cost will be about $600-1,000.

Concrete Septic Tank Cost

Drain Gravel

The concrete septic tank cost is not the only thing which people should count when they want to install the septic system in their household. They also have to consider other factors including the drain gravel.

We can make sure that the gravel trenches will be the very important part of the drain field. It can be made from the trench with 36 inches wide which contains the gravel with 10-12 inches size.

The installation will be made in the depth of 12-36 inches from the surface of the ground. For a ton of the gravel, people should prepare about $12-30 per ton.

Pipes and Risers

The pipes will be installed for carrying the waste water from the house to the septic tank. It will also be used for carrying the waste water from the septic tank into the drain field.

The size, as well as the design of the system, will affect the cost because different design and pipe size will have a different price to pay. People also must not forget about the cost for the septic tank riser. It is necessary for allowing access from above the ground to the tank.


How much is a septic system? Although people realize that it is important, we can make sure that people will have certain worry if they have to spend a lot of money on this system installed. In fact, they also have to pay for the permit.

The price will depend on the location as well as the project complexity. The permit sounds expensive but it usually comes with the inspection so the system can really be installed based on the right code.

Designs and Installations

Last but not least, the design and installations of the septic tank system will also be the next important factor which can influence the cost of septic tank system installation.

It might be necessary to take a soil test for determining the drainage capability of the soil and other important things. It will affect the design and installation need. Including the cost for hiring contractor, people have to count carefully about the concrete septic tank cost.