How Long do Septic Systems Last

How long do septic systems last? This kind of question might appear in your mind once in a while after a decade of using. Well, as the septic system or the septic tank is the essential thing that mostly homes have to provide it with. No home can have a good drainage without having good septic system.

This septic system plays the major role in the flow of water at home. If you have already had septic system, you will feel totally easy in maintaining the waste water so that your house has a good water flow and the process of removing the water waste can be done in less than a minute.

How Long do Septic Systems Last

Life Expectancy of Septic System

When you are asking about the life expectancy of the septic system, well, it may vary from a person to another due to the different causes, especially natural causes. It could be due to the flooding from the groundwater, clogging found in the area of root, the vehicle traffic damage risk, and also the material of your septic system.

Yes, material of your septic system also plays an important role since the better the quality of the installation type, the better the maintenance will be. It could be the absorption system, different type of soil, and also the frequency of the maintenance itself which can make different life expectancy of the septic system.

Generally 40 years would be the answer of how long do septic systems last if the septic tank is made up of concrete material. When you choose to have steel as the material, then it would last around 15 to 20 years. Meanwhile, when you are looking for the longest lasting of the septic system material, the answer goes to conventional one.

This condition happens when nothing goes wrong with the septic system. It may even extend to the time when the owners of the house pay a good care to the septic system and understand the whole procedures in cleaning it.

Idea of Replacing the Septic System

What if the septic system can’t work properly anymore? Then it needs to be replaced. How much does it cost to replace a septic system? Based on the calculation and the cost in the year of 2018 where everything seems to increase its costs, the cost of replacing new septic system would be around $9000.

installation of the septic tank

It is an estimation made from the installation of the septic tank which is around $5000. The cost for installing the tank that is able to hold around 1000 gallon is about $3000. The cost for purchasing the tank itself takes $1000. When you add all of these estimation costs, you will need $9000 to get it all new.

In fact, it can be less or even much more based on what you need and what kind of installment that you would like to hire. If you want to have the fastest installment then the costs might be totally expensive and you will later figure out on how long do septic systems last.