How Long Does a Septic System Last Expectancy ?

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How long does a septic system last and how to maintain it as the optimum usage? There are several factors that can affect how long a septic system will last. Learn how you can extend the life expectancy from the septic system below.

Septic system life expectancy

In general, the septic system life expectancy can last anywhere from 15 into 40 years. The wide range of life expectancy is depending on many different factors that can determine how long does a septic system last.

The life expectancy from the septic system depending mostly come from the material and the life from the septic system piping is depended mostly from the risk damage that comes from clogging by roots, traffic of vehicle, and the flood by groundwater.

How Long Does a Septic System Last

How Long Does a Septic System Last ?

The life expectancy from septic system type

•    Steel septic tank. For steel septic tank, it eventually rust depends to the acidity level in the soil as well along with the septic tank quality. The standard steel septic tank can last to 15 or 20 years or older.

Steel septic tank

•    Concrete septic tank. A concrete septic tank can last to 40 years and forever if it has high constructed well and quality material. Poor quality of concrete and acidic soil can cause the baffles septic tank in concrete and its component fails.

•    Drain field. The conventional drain field septic tank has the life expectancy that depends to the drain field size, level of usage, soil percolation rate.

5 things to make it last more

There are some factors that affect how long do septic tanks last that completely in our out of control. But there are some things that homeowner can do for help the prolong life expectancy from the septic tank system.  These factors are:

•    Design and quality from the septic tank. The location, condition from soil around, and the installation will attribute to the lifespan of your septic system, include the septic tank. The location that overly wet or the one that prone to flood can impact to clogging into the leach field. When the soil condition is poor, as high water or surface of water drainage into the leach field also threaten the septic tank lifespan. The worst, poor installation on septic tank installation will bring negative effect to the lifespan of the septic tank.

•    Septic tank material. Septic tank that made from concrete, fiberglass, and plastic can last into 40 years more. The steel tank can rust sooner than you expect.

•    Workload system from the septic tank. In general, the overall workload in the septic system and the leach field will affect how the septic tank will last.

•    What goes toward to septic system? By flushing only water and waste and avoid chemicals and non-biodegradable material can reduce the waste build up amount inside of your septic tank and make it last longer.

•    The septic tank pumping and maintaining. Get routines maintenance as it can prevent it builds up and prevent it clogged into your septic system. Get regular inspection while pumping out septic system also will add how long a septic system lasts because the professional can detect any minor when it appears.

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