Septic Holding Tank – Septic System Basic

Septic holding tank sounds not that familiar for many people. However, we can make sure that the septic tank term must be pretty familiar for them. Certainly, there are various basic things that people should know more about the septic system for their residential building.

This might be a good start for ensuring that their house comes with a proper septic system for supporting the health of the house, family, and environment.

Septic Waste

Besides the septic holding tank, people might have a big question about septic waste. Well, people should understand properly about septic waste before they can go further into the septic system. Every household will produce the septic waster, after all. It includes greywater.

The greywater can be found from the wastewater, which comes from dishwashing, bathing, and laundry. The toilet waste can also be included in the greywater.

Septic System

Now, it is time to know more about the septic system. After all, it comes with two parts, and it has the function of removing the waste from the household. The septic system will include the septic tank and the drain field.

The septic system will allow the grey water which is produced from the house into the septic tank. Within this tank, there will be three layers made from the greywater, including the sediment layer at the bottom, the floating scum at the upper layer, and the remaining liquid at the middle layer, which will flow into the T pipe, which can be found on the tank side to the drain field.

Septic Holding Tank

Drain Field

The holding tank septic system might be important, but people must not forget to know about the septic system’s drain field properly. The drain field is the underground area designated for taking the liquid wastewater from the septic tank.

It has the function of removing the contaminants from the wastewater through the soil’s natural filtering system. It is important to ensure that the septic tanks are pumped out regularly so the sludge will not flow out into the drain field. It is possible that the sludge can back up into the crawl space or the basement as well.

Holding Tank

What about the septic holding tank? The holding tank can be found often in the river and lake house. It is a perfect choice to be used in the area without suitable soil which can be used for the drain fields. Most of this tank comes with two tanks that can hold the waste permanently. That is why it must be pumped out more often than the septic tank.

Nevertheless, it will depend on the water which is used in the household. The average need for pumping out the holding tank is once in two to five months.

However, weekly pump out might be necessary, especially when more people stay in the household, such as during the holidays. They only need to pay attention to the colored light, which shows the need for the pumping.

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