Samsung Washing Machine Recall List: Are You Included in It?

If you have a washing machine from Samsung, you probably want to know the Samsung washing machine recall list, so you know whether your device is affected or not. In the event that your machine isn’t included within the list, you can consider yourself lucky. However, in case your machine is included in the list, it is better that you don’t use it and keep it turn off until you can find another solution.

About the Recalling Issue

The company has made Samsung washing machine recall list and made an official confirmation about it. According to their representative, they have recalled around 34 top load machines within a month period after the government has released a warning about the safety concern of the products. So far, there hasn’t been any news about Samsung front loader washing machine recall – and the company has stated that the issue only affects the top load types.

Samsung Washing Machine Recall List

The problem with the washing machine is that they can’t handle bulky items, like the comforters or tons of sweaters and jackets. When you pack the machines with bulky stuff, it causes violent vibrate – in the worst cases, the machines may explode.

Samsung suspected that the faulty happened because there is a certain leak happening close to the electric circuit that leads to fire and explosion – although they also had other speculations. According to the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), there had been 733 faulty reports about the machine. Nine of them had led to injuries, including injured shoulder, broken jaw, and any injuries related to falling.

The extent of danger includes explosion and lodged debris on the wall, including ripped or levitated sockets from the original screws. The Samsung washing machine recall list includes around 2.8 million devices that have been sold in between 2011 (in March) and 2016 (in November). The CPSC has released the warning in September while the recall started in November. In September, Samsung was still dealing with the Galaxy Note 7 massive recall, due to faulty batteries leading to explosion.

Samsung front loader washing machine recall

Earlier Phone Recall

And it was so happen that after the first recall, involving them recalling devices and then issuing replacements, Samsung had to do the second recall when the replacement phones were reported to catch fire as well. Because of these matters – the two stages of Note 7 recall and the washing machine recall – a lot of people are now wondering whether they should still entrust this company with their general safety procedures and standards.

Solution for the Washing Machine

For the matter of their washing machines, Samsung has several solution schemes and options. if you want to, a technician can come to your house for free checking and repair. You will also get a one year warranty extension. If you have just bought the machine within the last thirty days, you are entitled to a full refund. However, a lot of the complaints state that the machine was able to work for years quite fine before it actually exploded.

If you decided to buy a new product for the substitution, you can get a rebate, whose value depends on the model and also age of the washer. If you happen to choose another washer from Samsung, you can get additional $150. So, check the Samsung washing machine recall list to know your product.

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