You’re a Painter? Try a New Sensation of Painting with Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint does not really need the help of solvents in its use. Therefore it is acrylic paint waterproof, but it can actually dissolve it with water media. In its use do not need to be afraid to overwrite the previous color which is still wet with other colors because of the nature of acrylic paint that does not dissolve easily.

Painting with Acrylic Paint
Painting with Acrylic Paint

Has a color that cannot be penetrated by light if painted thick. Acrylic paint is easy to dry, unlike oil paint which has a long time to dry. And other advantages possessed by this one paint that is, does not cause odor.

But because it has properties that are easy to dry, this paint can be difficult for users, especially those who are new as painters or who are new to using acrylic paint.

Waterproof Acrylic Paint Sealer

Acrylic paint is the right choice for producing vivid paintings at lower prices. Painting with acrylic paint is a satisfying activity and a very good way to produce paintings for your home or friends. There are many brands of acrylic paint in various forms of is waterproof acrylic paint.

When buying acrylic paint it’s better to choose a brand that is a little expensive. Cheap acrylic paint is less concentrated, so you need to paint two to three layers to get the desired color like the expensive paint in one layer.

Some waterproof acrylic paint sealers such as Joyko TiTi Acrylic Color AC-12ML-12 (12 Colors), a non-toxic formula that is safe for children. Then there’s Satiniq Luminos Acrylic Glow Paint, expand your creations with glow acrylic paint in the dark, then finally FILA Giotto Decor Acrylic Matt, easy to clean from your hands, but sticking tightly on the paint media. Everything, of course that is waterproof acrylic paint and its very supportive of your activities as a painter.

How to Seal Acrylic Paint on Wood for Outdoors

Acrylic paint can be applied in a variety of mediums, including two-layer outdoor wood. Before the coating begins, the condition of the wood must be considered and see the needs according to the type of acrylic is acrylic paint waterproof determined.

For example, if the surface is characterized by high absorption, then it is first coated with a pigmented primer. If there are cracking conditions or the pressure on the wood is strong enough, moreover it must be coated with a special putty, adjusted to the color of the surface by choosing the simplest variant is a mixture of PVA and small sawdust.

Acrylic Paint on Wood

After putty is dry, puree with sandpaper on all parts of the wood before starting to be painted. The first coat of paint used will dry for about 3-5 hours. I recommend using a brush with natural rollers for work. The paint must be thoroughly mixed and if necessary diluted first.

Repeat according to the first process. Drying time for this second layer takes a little longer. It is important to monitor the drying process, making sure there are no small foreign objects attached to the surface of the wood.

Is Oil Paint Waterproof ?

I think the question is acrylic paint waterproof since the beginning of this article, the answer is no, because this type of paint uses an adhesive (binder) that produces flexible, waterproof, and strong adhesion on porous substrates.

But make no mistake, sometimes some painter mistakenly mention the term type of paint, generally the term ‘acrylic paint’ is used by painters to refer to all kinds of water paints whatever the polymer binder used so it is difficult to identify its characteristics.

The term ‘acrylic paint’ is actually a term used to refer to the binder used as is the case with ‘epoxy paint’ which means paint that uses an epoxy binder material.

To preserve your paintings so they don’t fade easily, I recommend using a transparent varnish coating with a full acrylic base that we can read on the packaging. Usually available in the market brands such as ‘biocolor’ or ‘orchid’.

Biocollor is a water based full acrylic paint which by the manufacturer for wood varnish but uses a full acrylic water based binder so you can use this product to make color paintings is acrylic paint waterproof and durable.