How to Fix a Leaking Plastic Water Pipe with Quick and Easy Methods

Learning how to fix a leaking plastic water pipe is one of the crucial household management skills. Pipes made of plastic are everywhere, and many people will immediately call a professional when those water pipes begin to leak.

How to Fix a Leaking Plastic Water Pipe

In fact, the vast majority of those pipes can be fixed in no time without having to contact an expert or taking formal courses. The only thing that you ought to know is the right product and method to get your leaking pipelines fixed.

How to Fix a Leaking Plastic Water Pipe

Many homeowners would certainly like to find a long-term solution for the piping system issue. However, the temporary solutions can be as effective as the permanent repairs as long as you can locate the problem in time.

The best repair product for this problem is PVC pipe leak repair tape. It’s a stretchy and sticky product that is easy to apply to the leaking area. Here is how to use it:

  1. Once you locate the leak, you need to wrap the tape around the damaged spot but ensure that the wraps are stretched over the wider spot.
  2. If there is more than one leaking area, you can wrap the repair tape spirally to conceal the entire surface. Even though it’s the easiest method, it can’t be used to fix severe leaks.

How to Fix a Leaking Plastic Water Pipe Joint

  1. Turn off the water source

The easiest way to fix a leak pipe joint is to remove the damaged section since no repair product can get this issue fixed. To do this, you need first to turn the water source off.

  1. Remove the defective waterpipe

To remove the damaged piping section, use a decent pair of cutters specifically used to cut PVC. If the leak area is visible, consider cutting it on either section of the spot. This means that all the affected spots are removed.

  1. Apply the primer and plastic pipe cement

Once you removed the defective pipe and let the water well drain, start to apply the adhesive product on the outer side of the new pipe and within the old cap. Then, apply the cement using a brush to the outside of the new pipe and inside the old cap.

  1. Insert the new pipe

You can start installing the replacement tube with spinning and pressing motion. This not only gets the water tube into the right position but also makes the cement spread all over the joint.

How to Repair Cracked PVC Pipe

How to Repair Cracked PVC Pipe
  1. Identify the damage

Before you start implementing the methods on fixing a leaking plastic water pipe, it’s crucial to turn the main water supply off so that it doesn’t hinder the repairing process. Depending on how severe the crack is, the entire pipe doesn’t have to be replaced in some cases.

  1. Prepare the sealant

A sealant is the best solution to fix some temporary issues, such as cracks. However, the affected pipe needs to be prepared properly before applying the sealing product. Also, keep in mind that pipes made of plastic have different capacities to handle the sealant and require some specific procedure.

  1. Apply the sealing agent

With a small tube, apply the sealant over the cracked section. Also, be sure to follow the correct instructions to prevent the sealing product’s incorrect application that will instead lead to further problems.

To ensure the cracks are fully sealed, keep the sealing product in the cracked spot. Also, avoid excessive pressure because it could spread the crack, and you will need to implement other methods on how to fix a leaking plastic water pipe that is rather complicated.

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